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Address: Freehold, NJ
Director: Ralph Colombino

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Playground Theatre Project
Playground Theatre Project
Playground Theatre Project
Playground Theatre Project

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Tri-state area

Pricing: $1250 for the first assembly, $500 for each additional assembly within a district
Setup: 90 minutes
Equipment: School PA

Playground Theatre Project is proud to offer dynamic and effective anti-bullying programming for kids K-12.
Our 60 to 90 minute assemblies use interactive theatre, and a peer-to-peer learning approach, to create school-wide collaboration towards bullying prevention.

We have two shows currently running: Mini Misfits in "The Gaggle" (K-6) and "Lost Angels (7-12)." Performed by our Mini Misfits, "The Gaggle" follows a student's first day at a new school, and the conflicts that ensue. "Lost Angels" explores numerous social issues, as 11 students are stuck in a classroom during a lockdown.

Playground Theatre Project is a youth-driven outreach program from Actors Playground School of Theatre. For over 20 years, we have performed social issue programs at schools, youth groups, churches, and community gatherings throughout New Jersey and beyond.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Playground Theatre Project is made up of the most talented young people NJ has to offer. We believe that by offering a peer-to-peer experience, our message will resonate deeper to the students, youth groups, etc. that we are trying to reach. Our company members range in age from 8 years old to adult, with a majority of the group being in their teens.
Program History:

The theatre company was born from a desire to use our artistic abilities to help them by creatively and safely exploring bullying, suicide, drugs, and many other issues.

Testimonials: "As in life, the dialogue surrounding histories of oppression and repression, both as external forces and internalized expectations, has a long way to go. But it gives me hope to see this work starting with critical thinking in our youth."

"Most people view theatre exclusively in terms of entertainment. It’s encouraging to see Playground Theatre Project stepping up to remind us with their programs focused on violence and bullying that theatre can be effectively used as a vehicle for public discussion and change. Their cast is a sharply focused ensemble comprised of local elementary,middle school, high school and college students. Their intensity and commitment to their work is laudable and inspiring." 
- Kimberly Rogers, Ocean Twp. PTA President