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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 738 North Eastham, MA 02651
Phone Number: 774-722-2358
Director: Neal Nichols, Jr

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The Geography Gameshow
The Geography Gameshow
The Geography Gameshow
The Geography Gameshow

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Additional Information

Focus: History, Geography, art, comprehension, interaction
Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 60-90 minute shows

Northeast usa

Pricing: Please contact

Geography performances
Trivia review sessions
Drawing and illustration sessions

Residencies: Drawing classes
Setup: Table to left, adequate wall space to hang 4’ by 12’ paper
Takedown: Pack bag, roll paper from wall
Equipment: Table, white rolled paper 4’ height
Special Requirements: School provides a table and white rolled paper, 4’ height that I will cut and hang on adequate wall space. Students may seat either on floor or in chairs.

Each show features creator/host Neal Nichols, Jr; world traveler-artist to illustrate maps entirely from memory, and incorporate historical subject matter into the events as to challenge comprehension skills in a game show format. Small token souvenir prizes are optional in the programs year three and older. Example titles are world map intro, USA History, New England and pilgrims, original colonies, world map challenge, Ancient and Middle East, and more. Please contact for show lengths and suggestions for individual grade events.

Mission Statement:

Students to enjoy interactive learning and become engaged through a unique and educational experience that inspires successful learning.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: History and Geography are best learnt and remembered by experience, therefore I developed a way of bringing the world in part, or whole into the classroom audience.
Program History:

Years of travel and experiences led to the creation of this program, and best to explore the website, or simply google “Neal Nichols Geography Game Show” to see school reviews, news articles, etc