Basic Information

Address: PO Box 927286 San Diego, CA 92192
Phone Number: 1.619.537.9423
Director: David W. Holden

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Additional Information

Focus: BMX Show School Assembly | Anti-Bullying
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Length: 40-Minutes


Pricing: $1497-$1897 Depending on location and tour routes

You won't want to miss this spectacular BIG AIR BMX Show featuring some of the World's top Pro BMX Athletes in an unforgettable performance that packs a powerful punch. The perfect blend of exciting entertainment and powerful, meaningful education as the kids get to hear directly from Pro Athletes who are living their dreams. Messages including motivation, inspiration, going BIG in life, finding their goals and dreams and learning how opportunity comes to those who respect others and never acts like a bully.

Brought to you by a 30 year industry veteran entrepreneur, athlete and performer, David W. Holden, this show was created to bring the next generation of role-model athletes to schools nationwide with an inspiring message for students of all ages.

Don't Miss this NEW and Engaging Unforgettable School Assembly!

Setup: 30 Minutes
Takedown: 30 Minutes
Equipment: Fully Self-Contained | WE provide everything, including extension cords, Pro Sound System and cones to lay out the seating area.
Special Requirements: Need paved surface about 80' X 30' however we are very flexible. We have performed on playgrounds, driveways, parking lots, stadium tracks and everything in-between. Just no grass or loose dirt.

About the Show:

  • 40-Minutes of Thrilling BMX Stunts
  • Powerful Motivational Messages
  • Professional Ramps/Sound Equipment
  • MC Professionally Announcing
  • Interactive & Entertaining
  • Positive Role-Model Athletes


  • Go BIG in Life | Big Goals & Big Dreams
  • High Character | Treat Others With Respect
  • Bully-Free | We Need Each Other, Allies
  • Self-Motivation | Find What Drives Us
  • Never Quit | Persistence & Determination
Mission Statement:

Go BIG BMX Air Show was created by one of the original BMX Show teams founded 30 years ago. With over 8,000 shows delivered and more on the way, David W. Holden has committed his life to the blend of sports and positive messages for youth. The mission since day one, back in 1994, was to combine a dream we are living as athletes, with a positive and motivational message to the next generation. His mission was to help incredibly talented athletes polish their presentation of their sport to provide a powerful and positive role-model influence on kids of all ages. Our mission is to continue this tradition, equipping young bold athletes with the skills to inspire the next generation, and they are taking it to a whole new level! Book Go BIG BMX AIR Show with confidence, it was created through decades and that experience goes into each and every show.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: We believe Pro Athletes have a unique opportunity to be influencer’s for good. When an iconic athlete performs their craft LIVE in front of the students, there is an amazing opportunity to inspire. We look to maximize this opportunity to create good vibes, smiles, high-energy and motivation to think big, dream big and live big. Our athletes prove it with every stunt, and the connection between our actions and words is powerful. Using one's talents for good is the greatest privilege and we believe is our duty.
Program History:

Go BIG BMX AIR Show is new, launched Jan. 2024! However the creator and organizer is anything but new (not old ;-)). After a 30 year career building multiple brands, including show brands still in existence, he branched out to bring a NEW show, meant to perfectly match the message to the performance. Mr. Holden has been personally involved in training and managing over 10 teams nationwide who have delivered over 8,000 shows since 1996. He was featured in Tony Robbins "Ultimate Edge" TV Program as a success story. He has created and managed shows at Disneyland, Legoland California, Silver Dollar City, Stone Mountain Park, Hershey Park, Calgary Stampede, Mandalay Bay, Billy Graham Kidz Mix and hundreds of Fairs, Festivals and corporate event shows. With a college degree in business/communication, this program began fresh out of college with a challenge, start a business and succeed, or get a job! The rest is history as the show took off and is now one of the longest running shows in the Nation and World. With well-trained, experienced athletes and MC's, the GO BIG BMX Air Show is an ideal school assembly for Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Testimonials: We have hundreds of testimonials over the years under a different brand name, however since we just launched this new show in Jan. 2024, we will be loading all the new testimonials from our upcoming tours soon.  Have confidence in a company founded by a veteran in the school assembly industry. 
Additional Information:


*** With priced soaring on everything, of course our costs have gone up, but we stay committed, as always, to providing the show to as many schools as possilbe. Our mission will never be clouded by a chase for more money, we are committed to working with schools to see if it's possible.

Give us a call or email and we will work with you and your budget to find possible dates and most likely PIGGYBACK RATE DATES for the best possible pricing.