The R.O.A.R. Show - Respect Others Act Responsibly

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Basic Information

Phone Number: 1-808-874-2591
Director: Joseph Borys

Action Shots

The R.O.A.R. Show - Respect Others Act Responsibly
The R.O.A.R. Show - Respect Others Act Responsibly
The R.O.A.R. Show - Respect Others Act Responsibly
The R.O.A.R. Show - Respect Others Act Responsibly

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Additional Information

Focus: positive behavior, respect, bully prevention, anti-bullying, character building, leadership, kindness, inclusion, acceptance
Grade Levels: K-5
Length: (K-2) 40-45 minutes and (3-5) 55 minutes - one hour

some travel expenses may apply

Pricing: $900 - $1200


Residencies: n/a
Setup: one hour
Takedown: 30 minutes
Equipment: The client is to provide the following and have in place at least an hour before the performance: 1) A PA/sound system with a working hand held microphone on a free standing mic stand (not a boom and not part of a podium). The microphone maybe be hard wired or wireless. A wireless microphone is preferred. If the microphone is wireless, an extra, new battery must be supplied. The PA should have an auxiliary jack input for music. 2) A table and a stool to sit on. 3) If students are seated on the floor, place cones to designate a 3-4 foot wide center isle.
Special Requirements: n/a
  • Storytelling
  • Audience Participation
  • a little bit of magic
  • a lot of age appropriative ideas to help children be kind, respectful and responsible
Mission Statement:

To give students ideas how to be kind, respectful to others, themselves, property and the environment. Help students to recognize the importance of using good manners, good social skills and positive behavior. And to encourage each other to prevent bullying.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Experts say from birth to 5 years old a child learns the foundation of who they will become and from 5 to 10 years old is when they add to that foundation. By giving students positive reinforcements of proper behavior early in their development, do they grow up with good trades to be productive members of society. It is with our continued efforts that children are feeling safer to go to school and have the potential to be good students. The ROAR Show is committed to be a motivating source to help young children learn to be respectful and responsible.
Program History:

The ROAR Show was written, produced and was presented for the first time in 2010 as a favor to a 4th grade teacher in Michigan. Since then, we have visited schools in 19 states, delivered out talk for over thousands of children at hundreds of schools.

Testimonials: “Your talk is exactly what our kids need to hear.” ~Nancy M., Health Committee, Krause Elementary, Armada, MI ***** ***** ***** "The ROAR Show is a creative way to teach inclusion and anti-bullying. We constantly talk about respect and responsibility; I will refer back to Al The Respect Guy and the ROAR Show." ~ Kate D., 4th Grade Teacher, Winkler Elementary, Burlington, WI ***** ***** ***** “I completely recommend having Al the Respect Guy in your building. It was a great time, well worth time spent out of the classroom and the lessons that the kids are walking away from are truly priceless. Thank you Al.” ~ Jens M., Principal, Lakeshore Elementary, Holland, MI ***** ***** ***** “Your positive behavior is contagious! I recommend The ROAR Show to elementary schools to promote a positive message about respect, social leadership and anti-bullying problem solving.” ~ I.K., School Social Worker, Greystone Elementary, North Providence, RI ***** ***** ***** “Respect self, others and the environment. The ROAR Show was a great way for our students to absorb, use, in their daily lives, and reinforce our school wide behavior system message of respect. The children loved the magic and got the message to be kind and accepting.” ~ Karen C., 2nd grade teacher, Deckerville Elementary, Deckerville, MI ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR message is consistent with goals and focus of our school community. Fun, engaging with a positive message!” ~ Patti S., Principal, Homeville Elementary, West Miflin, PA ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR Show was appropriate for both age levels; K-2 and 3-5. Al adjusted accordingly. Even though we had so much going on, it was still a valuable message to the students that I hope will re-energize them as we begin the even deeper work in preparing for our state testing. I was so impressed and would highly recommend it.” ~ Vicki L., Principal, Lacanto Primary School, Lacanto, FL ***** ***** ***** “I believe the ROAR show will help my students make better decisions at school, home and in the community. They will be more aware of respecting others and other’s property. ~Erica C., 2nd grade teacher, Hoover Elementary, Livonia, MI ***** ***** ***** "A REALLY GREAT ASSEMBLY for the school speaking about respect, bully prevention, hard work and character education. He tailored his message based on our building expectations. We highly recommend the ROAR Show for all schools." ~ Jaime P., Student Counselor, Hampden Meadows School, Barrington, RI ***** ***** ***** “Our students were really focused the whole time watching Al The Respect Guy; just entranced in what he was saying. He helped them remember to be respectful and responsible people and I know that my students are going to use all that what they have learned here to make our school a wonderful place to be. I really recommend this show. ~Megan D., School Counselor, Pardeeville Elementary, Pardeeville, WI ***** ***** ***** “I just wanted to tell you what a great show we just had here at Palms Elementary. We had Al The Respect Guy. He did the message on respect and responsibility, but it was more than just a message because the kids hear the words all the time, he brought it down to their level. He made it real to them with everyday examples and experiences. I was impressed he gave them, on their level again, something to think about, that they can absorb and use in their daily lives. It’s been a great show.” ~ Robbie K, Principal, Palms Elementary, Fair Haven, MI ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR Show fits in right with our ‘Leader In Me’ concept. I think it’s something that all of us, as administrators, should try to do to get Al The Respect Guy to come and talk to our children. I know our job is to teach them the instructional part, the academics, but we also need to teach them respect and responsibility. I just feel that this program fit right in with what we all as educators are all trying to do for all of our students. Thank you.” ~ Carmen G., Principal, Bishop Elementary, Bishop, TX ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR Show was engaging and fun. Al the Respect Guy had good group management skills. ROAR is easy for the students to remember and a child friendly term.” ~ Rebecca M., 3rd grade teacher, Maercker Intermediate, Westmont, IL ***** ***** ***** “I enjoyed the way you told and used manners in everyday living. Some children in today’s society are not taught manners. Children really need this. Thank you.” ~ Margaret G., 2nd grade teacher, Michagamme Elementary, Port Huron, MI ***** ***** ***** “Thank you Al for being with us, helping our students to grow and developed to be more positive with the anti-bullying and helping our whole community. Thank you.” ~ Maria T., Counselor, Pomaikai Elementary, Kahului, Maui, HI ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR Show message fits in perfectly with all of our behavior expectations. Stay positive even when things look gloomy. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. The constant positive references, all are very appropriate.” ~ Craig T., 5th grade teacher, Carsonville-Port Sanilac Elementary, Carsonville, MI ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR Show really brought the message of respect to the students and made it easy for them to understand and put to use in their daily lives.” ~ Chip F., Principal, Hill City Elementary, Hill City, SD ***** ***** ***** “Students need reminders about the importance of being responsible and respectful. This presentation does that in an enthusiastic way. I really enjoyed the part when you talked about the importance of keeping clean.” ~ Martha B., 3rd grade teacher, Lakeshore Elementary, Holland, MI ***** ***** ***** “The ROAR message is consistent with goals and the focus of our school community. Fun, engaging with a positive message!” ~ Patti Y., Principal, Betsie Valley Elementary, Thompsonville, MI ***** ***** ***** “The acronym R.O.A.R. reinforced what our students have been told in class all year. The assembly was very educational and entertaining. The information was presented in a fun way that held the students’ attention and interest.” ~Amy S., 1st grade teacher, Lamb of God Lutheran School, Las Vegas, NV ***** ***** ***** “The children really got a great, strong message from the ROAR Show that we should act responsibly and be respectful to others. It will fit in to our whole school of anti-bullying and treating others appropriately and that we can build a positive school climate here at Kamalii. It fit in perfectly with our PBIS initiative.” ~ Lei V., Curriculum Coordinator, Kamalii Elementary School, Kihei, Maui, HI ***** ***** ***** “Your mix of storytelling, magic and audience participation really kept the students’ interests.” ~Linda W., PTO President, Huntley Elementary, Appleton, WI ***** ***** ***** "This is THE BEST program I've seen in my 12 years teaching.” ~Melissa G., 3rd Grade Teacher, Michigamme Elementary, Port Huron, MI ***** ***** *****
Additional Information:

By using storytelling, audience participation and a little bit of magic, your students will be captivated and engaged while learning lessons about inclusion, diversity, accepting differences, and being kind and nice. This will help build character, leadership and self-esteem. Age-appropriate examples of learning expectations will enable students to incorporate these positive behavioral ideas into their everyday activities. Combined with examples of being respectful of others, property and the environment and being responsible for one's actions, they will also learn lessons that will help prevent bullying.

Children who respect others, property and the environment also respect themselves. They act responsibly and are better students. The R.O.A.R. Show reminds students of their learning behavior expectations; lessons that they will carry through their school years and beyond. It's a positive behavior, educational, enrichment assembly that helps build character, leadership and self-esteem, and it's fun, too!