Downtown Aquarium

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Address: 410 Bagby Houston, TX 77002
Phone Number: 713-223-3474
Fax Number: 713-315-5010

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Aquariums, marine biology, science, zoology, animal outreach

Adults $9.25 children 1-12 $6.25

$3 per person and up depending on program

classroom programs, animal outreach programs, distance learning-video conferencing special needs,multi age level classes. self-guided and guided excursions, interactive diver show

Grade Levels:
Exhibits: Aquarium adventure exhibits, white tiger of the Mahajaras' temple, shark voyage
Additional Information:

we offer a variety of educational programs designed disigned with students in mind and that are teks aligned.  please visit our website at for more informatiion or call us at 713-315-5112.