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Address: 6542A Lower York Road Suite 144
Phone Number: 2155988690
Manager: Bruce Rickert

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London, Paris, Normandy, Bruges, Ghent, Luxembourg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Strasbourg, Colmar, Obernai, Innsbruck, Zurich, Lucern, Florence Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Croatia


France, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Scotland

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All tours are Customized for your groups requirements. Bi-Lingual Tour Managers and local guides run your tour.

Pricing: Varies
Company Information:

American Music Abroad was founded in 1975 by a high school band director and his wife to fulfill their dream of sharing their love of Europe with high school students, college students and adults. American Music Abroad has organized over 320 musical tours with a specialization/concentration on Western Europe involving over 37,000 participants. During the past 45 years, we have grown in experience and expertise but have always maintained a value of giving our participants the highest standards and the greatest musical and cultural experiences for the lowest possible price. We do not compromise quality. You can be assured of not only our integrity, but our willingness to serve the participant's best interests at all times.

Each tour is structured to maximize cultural and educational opportunities. A full-time experienced tour escort travels with each group to ensure that group members will have an enjoyable and rewarding travel experience.

In the view of American Music Abroad, music is indeed an "international language". It is our mission to provide opportunities for musical exchange fostering better understanding and friendship. American Music Abroad encourages groups to feature a repertoire that represents the diverse culture of America.

Tour destinations include Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Scotland, Slovenia, Switzerland and Wales.


“I cannot begin to describe to you haw amazing this trip truly was for me. You have done something that I did not know was possible and changed 150 lives in three weeks. Your hard work and dedication to this trip is amazing and it is what made the trip the experience that it was. I want to thank you for inviting me on this tour and changing my life forever. When I first thought about going on the trip I knew it would be amazing but I was not prepared for the experience that I got. I will never forget the friends and the memories that I made on this trip. I not only feel way more prepared for college but I feel way more prepared for life, I have grown more in those three weeks then I have in the entire past year.”

I would like to take a moment to thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel with American Music Abroad. The experience was incredible! I had a terrific time, made many new friends, saw many interesting things, have many stories to tell, and also feel that I am a better musician.”

“This whole trip was a bonus! I couldn’t believe all that we saw in this trip for the amount that we paid. The other kids were great and I got to know most of them. My life has changed a lot by being on this trip.”

“Having been the only participant from my high school, I wondered how I would become good friends with others. I have many many special friendships. To share an experience such as this one with others creates a bond with them. I have learned so much from this trip. From the rich history of Europe to the workings of relationships. All in all, this trip has helped to strengthen my love for my native country, and all that we take for granted.”

“For six months I looked forward to the trip, and it was everything that I had hoped for and more! My family was so excited for me, I hope that my pictures won’t disappoint them. Austria was my favorite place. It is so beautiful, it takes your breath away! I know in years to come, I’ll look back on this trip and have wonderful, tearful, joyous memories.”

“I wanted to let you know that my daughter had a fabulous experience with American Music Abroad. She loved the program, the travel and the music. She said she looked forward to every concert! I did not hear one negative comment about the trip. We are so thrilled that she participated this year. Thank you again for providing such an incredible opportunity for these kids. My daughter’s world has really opened up!”

“Vienna was probably the most beautiful man-made thing I’ve ever seen. The architecture was so overwhelmingly gorgeous. The whole atmosphere was amazing. I loved the opera house and St. Stephens. Singing in there was an experience of a lifetime, as was visiting the city itself.”

Additional Information:

American Music Abroad has had 44 years of successful experience in arranging and organizing music tours for student and adult musical groups. Over 37,000 participants have attested to the quality of our tour programs.

Our groups are non-professional, but of a high musical caliber. We have a student tour program, as well as tours for musical ensembles, alumni tours for past participants and non-performance student and adult tours.