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Address: 1044 Roxbury court, Columbus, Ohio, 43219
Phone Number: 704-560-8627
Person of Contact: Daryl Cavin

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CBUS Green Energy LLC is your trusted supplier of solar powered, cutting-edge products for private, commercial, industrial and goverment sectors. Our range includes smartlighing systems, smart benches, solar powered generators, and more. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that harness the power of renewable energy to create a more sustainable future. Additionally we offer a cutting edge product that uniformly reduces energy consumption by capturing and rephasing kVAR into kVA, thereby recycling clean energy back into the circuit in the form of consumable power, making it an ideal choice for energy- ineffcient buildings with the a low power factor. With CBUS Green Energy, you can embrace cleaner, greener technologies and make a postive impact on the enviorment while enjoying the benefits of effcient and cost- savings solutions.