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Basic Information

Address: 1 Louie B Nunn Drive, MEP222 Highland Heights, KY 41099
Phone Number: (859) 572-5604
Fax Number: (859) 572-1934
Chair: Dr. Caroline Macke (
Dean: Dr. Gannon Tagher

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Northern Kentucky University
Northern Kentucky University

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Additional Information

Classroom Size: 12-30
Student/Teacher Ratio: MSW-12:1 & BSW-24:1
Housing Availability:

Resident halls and off-campus options

Type of Housing: Single, double occupancy and off campus options

Within Northern Kentucky University's student body, 6.2% of students identify as African American, 0.1% as American Indian, 1.7% as Asian, 4.4% as Hispanic, 0.1% as Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, 3.2% as multiracial, and 77.8% as White.

Financial Aid:

Northern Kentucky University provides financial aid to undergraduate and graduate students. This finaincial aid includes scholarships, grants, stipends, fellowships, work-study programs, and loans. For more information, please visit Financial Aid: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region (

Disability Services:

The office of Student Accessibility Services seeks to provide equal access to academic and co-curricular programs through accommodations and student-centered assistance. Learn more at the following website:
Student Accessibility Services: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region (

Computer Capabilities:

NKU has free Wi-Fi throughout its campus for students, faculty, and staff. In addition, NKU offers in-person and telephone based IT services. Help: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region (

Admission Requirements:

Admissions requirements differ by program. Please visit the following website for detailed information: Future Students: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region (

Application/Transfer Deadlines:

Deadlines differ by program and by semester. Admissions and Enrollment - Northern Kentucky University - Acalog ACMS™ (

Parking Space/Availability:

Yes, on campus parking lots and parking garages are available.

International Students:

4% of NKU students are international students. Over 55 countries are represented in NKU's student body. International: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region (

Mission Statement:

The NKU School of Social Work educates competent and ethical Social Work graduates in a student-centered environment. Our graduates demonstrate leadership and social work values in their communities (local, regional, national, and global) and their profession, toward advancing social and economic justice.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The School of Social Work's diversity statement is as follows:

As social work faculty and staff, we believe that "all spaces should look like all faces" (April Ryan, February 2022, presentation at NKU).

In alignment with the NASW Code of Ethics, the NKU School of Social Work is fully committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We see and care about all people, including the many populations who are often invisible within our society.

We believe that every person, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, ability, class, spiritual beliefs, and national origin, deserves safety and universal equity.

As community organizers, we believe in social justice and equitable access to care, and we have seen the power of interdependence and the impact of our given and chosen communities. We believe in each of us, individually and collectively, and we know we have work to do.

Program History:

Our Bachelor of Social Work program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) since 1978, marking more than four decades of exceptional social work education. The BSW curriculum covers content related to social justice, diversity, human behavior, policy, research and social work practice with individuals, groups, organizations and communities.
Our Master of Social Work program has been accredited by CSWE since 2010. The MSW curriculum prepares students for careers in clinical behavioral health and community practice.

The social work profession serves diverse populations, providing endless opportunities for those interested in the field. Professional opportunities are too numerous to list, and include mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, social work in schools, corrections, police departments, hospitals, child welfare, shelters, long-term care facilities and hospice. In addition to providing direct service, social workers are involved in community advocacy, program development, research and policy development.

Program Information:

Thank you for your interest in Northern Kentucky University's School of Social Work. Here are some of our points of pride:

  1. Students can earn their Bachelor of Social Work AND Master of Social Work in just 5 years.
  2. Our BSW and MSW programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. As a result, our BSW and MSW graduates are eligible to pursue licensure.
  3. Social workers strive to make a positive difference in the lives of their clients and the communities they serve. Social workers strive to assist individuals who are affected by mental health disorders, physical illness, substance use disorders, poverty, abuse, and discrimination, to name just a few.
  4. The School of Social Work hosts a Study Abroad to Guatemala. During this study abroad, students visit Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, a Mayan archeological site, a women's textile coop, and a self-sustaining coffee farm. This study abroad allows students to embrace diversity, and enhance cultural awareness, competence, and humility. 
  5. Our School of Social Work alumni are employed in a wide variety of settings, working with individuals of all ages. A few agencies where you can find our alumni include: the Covington School District, the Kenton County Detention Center, the Children's Advocacy Center, the Life Learning Center, Veterans Affairs, Children's Hospital, Christ Hospital, Cincinnati Children's Transgender Clinic, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Hospice, Caresprings, the Alexandria Police Department, the Kentucky Department of Community Based Services (Child Welfare), the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky, Necco Foster Care, the ION Center for Violence Prevention, the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky, Welcome House, Transitions, End Slavery Cincinnati, the Freestore Foodbank, the Brighton Center, and numerous community-based behavioral health agencies that provide individual and group therapy services for children and adults. These are just a few examples of agencies where our graduates are making a difference.
  6. All of our BSW and MSW students complete an internship at a community-based agency. This experience allows them to apply what they've learned in the classroom and make connections in the community. We want students to have the opportunity to work within settings and with populations that they are truly passionate about. To this end, we have agreements with well over 200 agencies across the tristate area and beyond, and this list grows every day. Our extensive list of field agencies allows our students to work with a wide variety of clients across the lifespan, including for example: homeless/impoverished individuals, individuals with mental health and substance use disorders, victims of domestic violence/abuse, victims of sex trafficking, individuals with disabilities, veterans, refugees, and justice-involved individuals.

Please visit our website for more information or feel free to email us. We always look forward to connecting with prospective and current students.