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Basic Information

Address: 13584 Pond Springs Road, Austin, TX 78729
County: Williamson
School District: RRISD
Phone Number: 512-250-5700

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William's Community School
William's Community School
William's Community School

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Additional Information

President: Suzanne Byrne, M. Ed., BCBA
School Type: general and special education, autism
Founded: 2011
Ages/Grades: 2-16
School Setting:

Small, inclusive, individualized education for children with autism, communication disorders, and/or challenging behaviors. All educational planning is individualized to child and family needs. Primary focus on use of applied behavior analytic strategies, emphasizing reinforcement and rewards for desired appropriate behaviors and setting up schedules and systems that facilitate each child's physical, emotional, social, familial, and academic needs.

School Size: 20-30
Classroom Size: 2-10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1-1 to 1-6


Financial Aid:

not available


Individualized by student, based on common core and TEKS, incorporating components and goals from VB-MAPP, ABLLS, AFAC, Social Thinking, and other curricula.

Support Services:

Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Parent Consultation

Camp Programs: Yes
Admissions Requirements:

Must attend tour before applying.

Mission Statement:

William’s Community School is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing individualized education and supports to children with autism and other developmental disabilities in a nurturing and therapeutic environment.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

All children are unique, their education should be built to match!

School History:

William's Community School was incorporated in 2011 by three parents of children with special learning needs and a teacher and behavior therapist after homeschooling together for 3 years. We wanted to build a school where education was truly individualized, taking into account each child's strengths, needs, interests, and familial priorities, while creating truly unified and consistent therapy services across speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies.

Notes/School Information:

William's Community School, a non-profit organization, is a unique educational and therapeutic choice for children in the Greater Austin area. Our motto says it all - we offer unique education for unique children. Each child that comes to William's Community School has different educational needs, and we individualize each child's education according to those needs.
We offer half and full day programs in an enriched, hands-on, student-centered and inclusive environment. William's Community School serves children of all ages and backgrounds. Our programs include a wide variety of alternative, and curriculum-based programs, in school and outdoors, that extend to homeschooled children, children with learning differences or unique educational needs.

Therapeutic Services
With parents helping to create and shape our school, we know that running from appointment to appointment often puts additional stress on busy schedules. William's Community School offers on-site speech therapy, occupational therapy, and applied behavior analysis. We have dedicated clinical space and an amazing sensory room that children love!

Saturday Fun Program
Our Saturday program offers thematic fun and structured activities for children of all abilities 2 Saturdays per month during the school year. This is a great and affordable option for families who need some R & R time, or time to take care of themselves after a busy week. Children love coming to the Saturday program, where we always have arts and crafts projects, game time, music, and lots of thematic activities like cooking and sculpting!

Summer Camp
At William's Community School, we know that two and a half months is a long break from routine for children. Our summer day camp runs for 10 weeks each summer, to provide the consistency that children need during the long break. We have weekly themes, and lots of water activities for the warm Texas summer! Children can sign up for any combination of our 4-week and 2-week sessions.