KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program

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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 28028 Bellingham, WA. 98228-0028
Phone Number: 360-647-0072
Fax Number: 360-647-0736
Director: Mike Anderson
Duration: 3-months - 2 years

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KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program
KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program
KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program
KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program

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Additional Information

School Information:

KCP International Japanese Language School is a recognized leader in Japanese language education. Courses offered in the heart of Tokyo. US University academic credit is available, as is financial aid.


From $3000

Financial Aid:


Curriculum Highlights:

KCP offers a unique opportunity to become proficient in the Japanese language and to thoroughly experience the Japanese culture. Our 80 faculty and staff are each experienced and eager to help students. Most of the students at KCP are from other Asian countries such as Korea, Thailand and Taiwan; this makes for a truly unique educational experience. Class size is only 15 to 20 students with an average of 3 instructors per class. Students get the attention they need and deserve. KCP is the right choice for dedicated students who want to learn about Japan and its language.

Studying with a diverse student body from around the world contributes to the experience. In today's climate of global understanding, it is vital to appreciate cultural practices, political and economic systems, and historical backgrounds of countries different from your own. At KCP International Japanese Language School, students from many different cultures, with distinct languages and traditions, can learn the Japanese language and culture . . . and grow together in their understanding of each other. Many Asian students in the program are genuinely interested in American life and culture, so there is plenty of opportunity for spirited social exchange.

School Setting:

Study in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Small class settings. Student body comprised of students from around the world.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of over 12 million people. As the political and economic center of Japan, Tokyo is a convergence of corporate headquarters, government institutions, research facilities, and universities. Tokyo’s cultural opportunities abound: students can enjoy performing arts, fashion, design, and the largest collection of Asian art in Japan. KCP provides frequent opportunity for students to engage in Japan’s culture by visiting museums, palaces, theaters, and corporations, and by attending numerous other enriching events.

The streets are packed with people day and night. Tokyo’s modern appearance may surprise first-time visitors. Even though the city is centuries old, your first impression will be shaped by skyscrapers, concrete, and neon lights. There is seemingly no end to big-city activities. Shoppers will be delighted with the lavish department stores and fashionable boutiques. Discos, jazz clubs, and other night life activities abound.


Start your Japanese Language experience today with the
KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program.

We offer a very affordable Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program. If you're a serious student it offers you a challenging opportunity to perfect your Japanese language education while offering all the culture and excitment of Tokyo, Japan.

In only 1 semester you may complete over 1 year of university-level Japanese language proficiency through total immersion in both Japanese language and culture. The program is offered Fall, Winter, spring and Summer semesters as well as a popular 8-week Summer short-term.

KCP is a convergence of students, aspiring teachers, interns, and professors. KCP teachers are carefully evaluated for teaching effectiveness and methodology, through a series of interviews and active observations. Tokyo-area university professors teach the new, innovative KCP Japanese-language teacher preparation program—the only one of its kind at a Japanese language institute. In addition, Japanese teachers-in-training from nearby universities serve supervised internships at KCP, to supplement your instruction and provide more interaction.

Founded in 1983, KCP is recognized as a leader in Japanese language education. KCP student scores on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken) are testimony to the high quality of language instruction at KCP. This test is administered by the Japan Foundation and the Association of International Education. Most students enrolled in KCP’s advanced classes are able to pass Test Level One (the most difficult). This designates a level of proficiency in the language that usually allows them to enter a Japanese university as a full time student.