Teaching and Research Positions in Australia

Academic positions in Australia and New Zealand can be either continuing (permanent) or fixed-term (contract) appointments. Continuing appointments at the lecturer level and above are similar to the permanent academic posts found in the United Kingdom, and generally involve a 3-5 year probationary period. Between 2009 and 2015, the University of Western Australia (UWA) used titles more aligned with North American academic titles, but reverted to standard Australian academic titles in 2015.

Level Title Award salary range (AU) Notes
E Professor $175,000 and above Equivalent to distinguished/endowed professor in most Asian and North American universities and to a professor of a discipline in British universities. In Australia and NZ, the number of academics at Level E is approximately 10 percent of the total number of academic staff. This rank is only given to those who have demonstrated outstanding competence and academic leadership in research, teaching, and service as well as achieving international recognition of their scholarship.
D Associate Professor $149,000 - $188,000 Equivalent to professor in most Asian countries and in North American universities.Equivalent to reader in Britain. Academics appointed to Level D are developing a very strong international profile and have demonstrated sustained high competence in both teaching and research.
C Senior Lecturer $112,000 - $140,000 Equivalent to associate professor in North American universities (though without any particular implications in terms of tenure). Normally, academic staff demonstrating sustained competence in research and teaching are promoted to this rank after 4 to 6 years of service at the rank of lecturer. Most appointments at this level are 'continuing', the equivalent of North American tenure, although some temporary appointees at Level B on longer contracts may achieve promotion to Level C during their employment.
B Lecturer $92,000 - $118,000 Equivalent to assistant professor in North American universities (though without implication of tenure status - appointments at this level can be strictly temporary, or entirely permanent). This is the usual entry level appointment for new full-time academics, be they permanent or on temporary contract. Appointment at Level B typically requires the candidate to possess a PhD. It is possible for a lecturer in Australia and New Zealand to be on a permanent contract and complete their probation while remaining at Level B, thus attaining the equivalent of tenure.
A Associate Lecturer $64,000 - $92,000 Appointments at this level are usually for new academics. Some positions at Level A are occupied by those with extensive industry experience relevant to teaching and research but who do not possess a PhD. Postdoctoral fellowships are also typically awarded at this level.
  • Salaries determined by the minimum and maximum salaries within each letter category offered to staff at the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne and University of Western Australia.