Assessment Cycle—Australian Research Council Research Grants

Step 1, Funding rules
Funding rules are approved by the minister
Published on the ARC website
Sector is advised of availability

Step 2, Proposals
Instructions to applicants, sample application form and FAQs are published on ARC website
Applications are submitted by eligible organisations by the relevant scheme closing date

Step 3, Assessment
Proposals are considered against eligibility criteria and compliance with the funding rules
Proposals are assessed by independent assessors in initial assessment
Applicants may be given the opportunity to respond to assessors' written comments
Proposals are assessed by the ARC's field-related colleges of experts or a selection advisory committee

Step 4, Selection
The colleges of experts or selection advisory committee consider all proposals, rank each proposal relative to other proposals in the same discipline cluster, and recommends budgets for the highly ranked proposals

Step 5, Approval of funding
ARC CEO provides recommendations to the minister with proposals to be approved for funding, proposals not recommended for funding, and the level of funding and duration of projects
Minister considers recommendations and approves and announces funding outcomes