Academic Ranks in China

Most universities in the People's Republic of China adopt a four-level academic rank system, i.e. professor, associate professor, lecturer, and assistant lecturer, while some universities (e.g. Tsinghua University) also use the American-style title of assistant professor. Most PhD graduates will be appointed at the lecturer level initially and receive the qualification to be promoted to associate professorship after two years of teaching. However, people holding a doctorate from Western universities and with some working experience overseas will occasionally be appointed at a higher level, in exceptional cases at the full professor level directly.Baidu Mostly, each individuate institute has only one principal rank (e.g. dean of a college, president of a university) and multiple deputy ranks.

Principal faculty
Professor (Chinese: 教授)
Associate professor (Chinese: 副教授)
Lecturer, or University Lecturer (Chinese: 讲师)
Assistant lecturer, or Associate lecturer (Chinese: 助教)

Academic trainee
Postdoctoral research fellow ( Chinese: 博士后研究员) and research fellow/researcher ( Chinese:研究员)
Research assistant ( Chinese:研究助理) and teaching assistant ( Chinese:教学助理/助教)
Doctoral student ( Chinese:博士研究生)
Master student ( Chinese:硕士研究生)
Undergraduate student ( Chinese:本科生)

Honorary titles
Academician (Chinese: 院士), a person who was nominated as a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering or/and Chinese Academy of Sciences Baidu
Emeritus Professor (Chinese: 退休教授)
Honorary Professor (Chinese: 名誉教授), usually awarded to academics with important social contributions
Distinguished Professor (Chinese: 特聘教授), usually awarded to academics with a recognized achievement in research
Guest professor, or commonly visiting professor (Chinese: 客座教授), usually awarded to distinguished visiting scholars

Administrative ranks

Secretary of the CPC Committee (Chinese: 党委书记), similar to Chancellor, who usually does not take administrative responsibilities
Associate Secretary of the CPC Committee (Chinese: 党委副书记), similar to Vice-Chancellor; the 1st order Associate Secretary is usually appointed President, with other Associate Secretaries being the Vice-President
President (Chinese: 校长), taking the major decision for academic and administrative affairs, assisted by Vice-Presidents
Vice-president (Chinese: 副校长), usually taking the responsibility of a certain area, e.g. academic, administrative, facilities, finance, etc.
Dean (Chinese: 院长/所长)
Deputy dean or associate dean (Chinese: 副院长/副所长) of schools and faculties
Director of research centre (Chinese: 部长/主任) and director of academic department (Chinese: 系主任)