Access to Higher Education Courses in Italy

The requirements for access to degree courses differ according to the educational qualification you wish to achieve:

graduate : must be in possession of a certificate of secondary school degree or another qualification obtained abroad and deemed equivalent.
Master's degree : students must hold a three-year degree or university degree or other academic qualification also obtained abroad, provided they are considered suitable.
University Master's Degree and / or Specialization Course: you must be in possession of at least a degree , or another qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable.
Research doctorate : students must hold a master's degree or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as suitable.

Additional special requirements may be required for specific training courses or other disciplines as required by law. The law of 2 August 1999, n. 264 distinguishes between university study courses subject to access to a programmed number in courses at national level and those at local level, ie at the discretion of the individual universities.

The ones programmed at national level are:
medicine and Surgery;
veterinary medicine;
dentistry and dental prosthesis;
architecture (single-cycle);
Academy of Fine Arts (Artistic design for the company);
courses included in the category of health professions ;
degree courses in primary education sciences;
specialist training courses for doctors pursuant to Legislative Decree 8 August 1991 n. 257;
specialization courses at graduate schools for legal professions (SSPL)
university courses of new institution or activation, on the proposal of the universities and within the programming of the university system, for a number of years corresponding to the legal duration of the course.

The establishment of the closed number by the individual universities, concerns instead:
degree courses for which the educational system provides for the use of highly specialized laboratories, IT and technological systems or in any case of personalized study places;
university degree courses for which the educational system requires an internship as an integral part of the training course, to be carried out at facilities other than the university ;
courses or specialization schools identified by the implementing decrees of the provisions of art.