Other Tertiary Education Organisations in New Zealand

Private Training Establishments
Private Training Establishments (PTEs) are to provide training often not available in the public sector. They offer curriculum in "niche occupations" like tourism, design or ICT. They also provide training to special needs groups or in time frames that support different learner needs. The tutors are generally drawn from industry rather than academia and the goal for most learners is to reach employment quickly. It has been argued that private trainers have the ability to respond quickly to the changing needs of industry. Most providers provide courses that are NZQA accredited and many offer certificates, diplomas and degrees. Private trainers offer an alternative to state schools and many learners prefer the supportive environment of most private trainers.

Industry training organisations
Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) co-ordinate structured training for employees, both on-job and off-job. This enables employees to gain a qualification from the New Zealand Qualifications Framework while earning money. ITOs are owned by industries, recognised by the New Zealand government, and receive funding from both government and industry. ITOs cover most of New Zealand's industries from traditional trades like building and plumbing, the primary industries, and manufacturing and retail, through to government and community services. The Industry Training Federation represents ITOs.