Charles F. Fernandez Center for Alternative Learning

Basic Information

Address: 1025 Clark Street Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone Number: 715-345-5592
Fax Number: 715-345-7374
Director: Elizabeth Fulton

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Founded: 1988
School Setting:

We are in a separate building owned by the school in the downtown area of Stevens Point

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 2 programs are half day programs and one runs from 8:30-2:30.
School Days in Calendar Year: Same as the other schools in the district

Stevens Point

School Size: About 175 students each year attend
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10-15 students/1teacher

For the alternative diploma program, we use the GED materials as a base. For the other programs, we do integrated themes based on the state standards.

Support Services:

The district supplies some school psychology services,school counseling, and nursing services.

Computer Capabilities:

We have the same capabilities as the other schools in the district. We are part of the 1-to-1 laptop initiative.

School Holidays: Same as the other schools
Parking Spaces/Availability:

We have a parking lot

Uniform Guidelines:

We follow the dress code of the district

Residential: No
Counseling Services: Yes
Mission Statement:

To provide educational options that foster students' intellectual, emotional and social growth.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that schools need to meet the needs of students rather than students meeting the needs of schools.

School History:

The school was started in 1988 by teachers and administrators at the high school who realized that there were a significant number of students who were dropping out from the high school. Initially two programs were established, each with a separate focus. The special education program was added in 1997. An administrator for the programs was hired in 2000. Previously the administrative role was handled by an administrator at the high school.

A daycare for students who are teen parents in the district has been housed in the school since 1998. The daycare is funded by donations and grants from the community.

We work closely with the RSVP - Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Volunteers work individually with our students on various wood projects. While they build items, the important part is the building of the relationship.

Tutors from the university come to volunteer and tutor in our classes.