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Basic Information

Address: 102 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone Number: 732-932-9271
Fax Number: 732-932-1187
Director: Kenneth M. Karamichael

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Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway
Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway
Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway
Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway

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Additional Information

Founded: 1989
School Setting:


School Schedule (Hours in Day): M-F 8:00-4:30
School Days in Calendar Year: 225


School Size: Varies
Classroom Size: Varies
Student/Teacher Ratio: 6/1
School Holidays: University Schedule
Notable Graduates:

All of them!

Parking Spaces/Availability:

varies between centers

Uniform Guidelines:

Local Public School Guidelines followed in each center

Counseling Services: Yes
Mission Statement:

The Ye2s Center provides the highest quality opportunities for lifelong learning and career development by building bridges between the needs of disconnected young people and individual and integrated delivery of counseling, training, and placement services. Each of our community partners is dedicated to supporting participants through personal commitment and advocacy.

With customer service as our focus, we will define and locate educational, employment, and outreach opportunities for our current and future participants. On a citywide, collaborative basis, we will deliver positive youth development programs and services that ad d measurable and marketable skills to our young people and the organizations that will be collaborating as partners.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Youth Education and Employment Success (Ye2s) Center seeks to improve measurably the quality of life of New Jersey youth by expanding their educational, vocational, and employment opportunities. Under a unified collaboration among urban city mayor's, public schools, local community colleges, New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, The Nicholson Foundation, Rutgers University, and numerous community-based organizations, these innovative centers are strategically located and organized to ensure a safe environment, with optimal delivery of youth services. Through the commitment and teamwork of our instructors, staff, and community partners, we are dedicated to helping our young adults to become more caring, competent, and contributing citizens of New Jersey.

School History:
Rutgers Transitional Education and Employment Management (T.E.E.M.) Gateway is dedicated to helping the youth of New Jersey improve their quality of life and become productive members of their communities. Education goals include assisting youth to re-enroll in the public school system and to attain their high school diplomas. Employment goals focus on basic skill development and job coaching for workplace readiness. It is Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway's vision that these goals are best achieved through a single center location providing comprehensive support in a safe environment.
Since 1989, Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway has been the youth development division of the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE). In January of 2008, Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway established the Newark Youth Education and Employment Success (YE2S) Center in close partnership with the City of Newark and Newark Public Schools. In 2010, a second YE2S Center was replicated in Trenton, New Jersey, established in alliance with the City of Trenton, Trenton Public Schools, Mercer County 4-H, Mercer County Community College and Mercer County Workforce Investment Board (WIB). In mid-2012, two additional YE2S Centers opened in the City of Camden in partnership with the Community Planning and Advocacy Council, City of Camden and Camden Public Schools. Primary funding for YE2S Center core staff has been provided by The Nicholson Foundation. Principal activities of Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway pertain to the operation of the Newark, Trenton, and Camden YE2S Centers. Additional funding for the direct service components of the YE2S Centers are provided through local, state and national grants that include: the Corporation for National and Community Service, NYC Center for Economic Opportunity, local county WIA/WIBs, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, New Jersey Health Initiatives, JP Chase Morgan, Victoria Foundation, Yahoo and the US DOL funding.
Program and Services:

The T.E.E.M. Gateway Support Network provides the following services:
•Independent Educational Classes
•Job Readiness/Coaching
•Individualized Case Management
•Family Services
•Life Coaching
•Educational, vocational, and employment placement assistance
•Positive Youth Development
•Referral Monitoring Services
•GED Preparation/Training - Young Adults 21-24

•Resource and Support Service Leveraging via the Youth Success Center program model
Through the partnerships and efforts of: T.E.E.M. Gateway staff; parole/probation officers; care managers; public schools; city/county governments, along numerous community partners, disconnected youth will be better prepared to reach their goals and further develop their personal, educational, and employment pathways.

Notes/School Information:

Rutgers Transitional Education and Employment Management (T.E.E.M.) Gateway is a systems-based support service and logistical facilitator of Positive Youth Development, to support at-risk and disconnected urban youth across the state of New Jersey. The Youth Education and Employment Success Center (YES Center) of Newark is our flagship collaborative located in the heart of downtown Newark. Our second Youth Success Center is located in our state capital - Trenton and two additional sites have been opened in Camden.