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Basic Information

Address: 2727 Second Ave, Suite 200 Box 11 Detroit, MI 48201
Phone Number: 313-355-3035
Fax Number: 313-341-5002
Director: Brittni Kellom

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Just Speak Incorporated
Just Speak Incorporated
Just Speak Incorporated
Just Speak Incorporated

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Additional Information

Founded: 2003
School Setting:

Just Speak is able to provide a triage of support to any school setting. Our pediatrics nurse, psychologist, and behavioral technician support the resiliency programming we provide. Our programming can be adapt to any school setting either as a curriculum for an entire school year or a short-term workshop or presentation.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8-3pm or 3--6pm
School Days in Calendar Year: 275

Metropolitan Detroit

School Size: any
Classroom Size: <20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5:1
Support Services:

Just Speak, Inc. offers several services to educate our communities on prevention and awareness of child sexual abuse/sexual assault and interpersonal violence among young people.

Office for Victims of Crime Sexual Assault/Advocate Counselor Training

Sexual Assault Advocate/Counselor Training (SAACT) teaches advocates about advocacy/counseling, the realities and impact of sexual assault, procedures to follow in common situations, techniques to support recovery, and compassion fatigue and self-care. The 2-day curriculum focuses on intervening with individuals in a crisis, and does not replace long-term and group counseling.

Advocate Accompaniment

Advocates ensure accompaniment at sexual assault forensic medical exams, during law enforcement interviews, and during any other criminal justice proceedings when the victim wants an advocate, and provides in-depth follow-up services to the person.

Facilitated Youth Groups

Topic-based peer sessions for ages 11-18 to give a supportive environment for discussions covering a variety of teen issues, awareness, and healthy coping.

Acute Crisis Advocacy/Counseling

Youth ages 9-18 trained to be advocates to give information and counseling support to survivors and significant others of survivors.

Additional Services

Request for Keynote Speaker
Community Information Tables
Youth Advocates/Peer Educators Request for Workshops & Presentations

Residential: No
Counseling Services: Yes
Mission Statement:

Just Speak, Incorporated is committed to empowering every young survivor of trauma, with resiliency, within a safe space to share stories and collaborate in a way that leads to their involvement in the community as advocates.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe healing is possible, and its approach should be to saturate the child's exposure with strength, coping, and safe spaces to release. We seek to provide comprehensive and holistic support for the emotional, physical and educational needs of our survivors.