The Phoenix Academy

Basic Information

Address: 1234 Flint Street Ext Rock Hill, SC. 29730
Phone Number: 803-981-1975
Fax Number: 803-985-1396
Director: Dr. Walter J. Wolff

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Founded: 2003
School Setting:

In its tenth year and located in the Flexible Learning Center in Rock Hill, this non-traditional program offers students in grades 9-12 a flexible schedule within a virtual hybrid environment. It offers online courses through the framework of Apex curriculum. Yet, students still attend classes two days each week, per course, so they can have face-to-face time with a certified teacher.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:30AM - 8:00PM
School Days in Calendar Year: Monday-Thursday Fridays by appointment for tutoring
School Size: Approx. 300
Classroom Size: Not to exceed 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 20/1 is max

English. Math, Science, History, Foreign Language



Percentage of Graduating Class: 12% impact on the 3 high schools that we serve.
Support Services:

2 Exceptional Education Teachers

Computer Capabilities:

We are a hybrid virtual environment.

School Holidays: Same as Rock Hill School district
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Numerous spaces are available

Uniform Guidelines:

Students begin by wearing uniform dress code of khaki pants/skirt and collared white shirt. Once a student reaches the half way point of a class and completes his/her community networking hours, the student earns the privilege to follow the dress code of the high schools.

Residential: No
Counseling Services: Yes
Mission Statement:

Educating the Masses...One Student at a Time

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Phoenix Academy provides academic opportunities for students, along with building relationships with students and parents. We understand that trust is gained; there is emotional safety within the learning environment; and we serve the best interests of our students. We want to know our students individually and to assure them that we will help them meet graduation requirements and prepare them for future educational experiences or for success within the workplace.

Program and Services:

The Phoenix Academy in Rock Hill Schools was founded in 2003 and offers a flexible schedule for high school students unlike any school program in York County! It is not, as some might think, a program for students who are currently expelled or experiencing numerous disciplinary problems or attendance issues.
Instead, Phoenix serves students who desire to graduate early; those who prefer a smaller setting than the traditional, larger high school setting; who need a flexible schedule because they are parents or work part or full time; those who need to retake one or more courses; or honors students who desire to take additional required classes. We offer classes in the morning and in the afternoon to accommodate the needs of our students.
The program is mastery based and self-paced which allows students to work directly with teachers in establishing benchmarks and to move through the curriculum at a pace that is comfortable for the student. Those familiar with the curriculum may complete a course within a shorter time frame than the typical 18-week semester. On the other hand, students who struggle in a particular content area will have additional time beyond the 18 weeks to complete the course.
Due to large student numbers in our high schools, students may not have the opportunity to take a math or English class one semester and take another math or English class the following semester. Therefore, Phoenix Fast Track benefits those 11th and 12th grade students who may have more than seven elective credits to graduate, but they need a core class to meet graduation requirements. Once enrolled in Phoenix Fast Track, students are pulled from the extra elective course and enrolled in the needed core class through Apex curriculum. They meet daily with an academic coach at their high school where Phoenix teachers instruct them through Apex. Phoenix Fast Track allows students to take a course through the Phoenix Academy, but they are not required to attend the program physically.
The Phoenix Academy has offered thousands of students the opportunity to meet graduation requirements within a smaller, non-traditional environment. Just last year, we served over 600 students in grades 8-12, and 162 of those students received diplomas.