Rugby School Japan

Basic Information

Address: 6-2-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0882 Japan
Phone Number: +81 (0) 471 68 0536
Director/Owner: Mr Tony Darby

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Rugby School Japan
Rugby School Japan
Rugby School Japan
Rugby School Japan

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Additional Information

Ages: 11-18 years
Accreditation/Affiliation: COBIS
Nationalities: American, British, Chinese, Hong-Kong, Indian, Japanese. Malaysian, South Korean,Taiwan,
Language(s): Chinese, French, German, Japanese
School Types: International British Boarding School
Enrollment: 141
School Setting:

Rugby School Japan is located in a single campus in the educational hub of Kashiwanoha - just 30 minutes train from Tokyo centre. It is close to Narita and Haneda Airports and easily accessible by train and road.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): Monday - Friday, 8am - 5:30pm including co-curricular programme. Saturday school is 8am - 1pm.
Classroom Size: Maximum of 20 students per class.
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:3

Art & Design (Art and Design & Technology), English (Language and World Literature), Humanities (Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History), Mathematics (Mathematics, Computer Science, Further Mathematics), Performing Arts (Drama, Music), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education),


Rugby School Japan follows a British curriculum, with a focus on IGCSEs for pupils aged 14-16, A levels for pupils aged 16-18, and a specially designed curriculum for our youngest pupils aged 11-14. The curriculum for our younger pupils is inspired by the British KS3 National Curriculum, while the IGCSE and A-level programmes are designed to provide a rigorous and comprehensive education to prepare pupils for university and beyond.

Exams: I/GCSE and A-level
Support Services:

Our Admissions process will give us a thorough understanding of the English language ability of our pupils. Once at Rugby School Japan, a tailored programme will be available to those pupils who need on-going support to enable them fully to access the Rugby curriculum. This would typically include group timetabled lessons focusing on developing the academic language in specialist subjects. All our pupils will be taught English from Year 7 through to Year 11, preparing them to achieve an English IGCSE qualification as either first or second language learners. Working with our local education partners, we will also be able to prepare university applicants for their IELTS qualification.

Computer Capabilities:

As an Apple school, all pupils in Years 7-11 are required to bring iPads for their use in school. Older students, Years 12-13, tend to use MacBook laptops to support their learning. All teachers have Promethean active screens in their classrooms. The specialist curriculum areas of the School are fully resourced with high spec equipment: for example, our DT workshop includes a laser cutter and 3D printing machine; we have iMac suites for teaching Graphic Design and Music Technology; and we have a fully equipped fitness suite that is used in PE and Sports Science lessons.

Extracurricular Activities: Over 50 extracurricular activities are on offer
Uniform Guidelines:

The uniform has been designed by Tamae Hirokawa, one of Japan’s leading designers. They have been created to reflect the Rugby School (UK) heritage, and are unique to Rugby School Japan

Admissions Requirements:
Rugby School Japan is a selective school. Entry is based on assessment by English fluency, references, entrance tests and interviews. When we consider applications we are looking for academic ability and potential, co-curricular interests and enthusiasms and the necessary resilience to be part of the school – either as a boarding pupil or as a day pupil.

Admissions Deadline: We welcome applications throughout the academic year
Mission Statement:

The Whole Person is The Whole Point

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

At Rugby School Japan the Whole Person is the Whole Point. We want all of our pupils and staff to feel rooted in the community of Rugby, so that it is a place in which they can form deep and long-lasting friendships, pursue interests through which they can better understand themselves, and become equipped with the values which mean they can change the world for the better.

School History:

Rugby School Japan opened its doors in September 2023. It is the second international school established by Rugby School UK which was founded in 1567. Rugby School Japan offers a legacy of academic excellence and holistic education. With a commitment to preparing 11-18-year-olds for global recognition, the school seamlessly integrates the renowned British Curriculum while embodying the "Whole Person, Whole Point" philosophy. The institution is proud to boast highly qualified and experienced teachers, primarily from the UK, who play a pivotal role in delivering a world-class education.

Visa Requirement:

Pupils who do not have a Japanese Passport or a Dependent Visa (linked to their parent's Work Visa) may apply for a Student Visa. The School will introduce families to an Immigration Specialist who will apply on their behalf. This process takes 3 months.

Travel/Living Accommodations: The school has bespoke Boarding Houses. The Head of House and Deputy Head of House are both teachers in the school. They are supported by House Assistances and qualified nurses.
Employment Opportunities: Teaching positions are advertised on the school website.
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