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Basic Information

Address: 416 Higuera st
Phone Number: 1-800-300-1818

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Lindamood-Bell Academy
Lindamood-Bell Academy
Lindamood-Bell Academy
Lindamood-Bell Academy

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Additional Information

Founder/President/Principal: Nanci Bell
School Type: Non-Traditional School, In person and Online
Founded: 2016
Ages/Grades: K-12
School Size: 200+
Classroom Size: 3:1
Student/Teacher Ratio: Variable based on the student's learning model.

Variable based on the student's learning model.

Financial Aid:

Available through the Lindamood-Bell Dream Big for Learning Scholarship program.


Recognized and proven K-12 curriculum
Standards-aligned courses
Learning Management System (LMS) for progress, grading, and record keeping

Mission Statement:

We believe that all individuals can learn to read and comprehend to their potential. The Lindamood-Bell is a unique private school where we develop the imagery-language foundation for success in language processing and success in all curriculum.

School History:

Founded in 2016.
“We dreamed of one day having a Lindamood-Bell school so we could help more children. Our dream came true! We now have the Lindamood-Bell Academy where we can come to you or you can come to us.” - Nanci Bell


“My favorite part of Academy is that everyone is nice and it's easy to make friends. I love working with my teachers and friends." - Grace, a student

“Oliver simply loves being there and he is truly learning at his pace, which is just the most wonderful thing a parent can witness for their former struggling child. - Chris, a father

“My first impression with Lindamood-Bell Academy was SHAZAM! I hit the jackpot.” - Julie, a mother

“The Lindamood-Bell Academy was right for my child because he needed a different type of teaching.” - Araceli, a mother

Notes/School Information:

Lindamood-Bell Academy is a California based school operating virtually in our Learning Centers. Our Academy develops the Imagery-language foundation for learning and combines Lindamood-Bell instructional expertise with a full curriculum.