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Basic Information

Address: 651 N Broad St Suite 206 Middletown, DE 19709 Unites States
Phone Number: +17708638070

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Additional Information

Founder/President/Principal: Mr. Zahoor Khan
School Type: Private Tuition Assistance
Founded: 2022
Ages/Grades: All ages
Classroom Size: 1-1
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1-1

We provide private tuition for all subjects

Mission Statement:

Stand out from traditional online learning providers with a practical and proven learning strategy. we have improved the learning process by entertaining thousands of online students around the world. Our goal is to work wisely to implement an exceptional mentoring strategy to help grow our OTC families.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

College courses are much more challenging than high school courses. Tutoring professionals at OTC can help make sure college students don’t become overwhelmed with their courses in collage levels. We also assist graduate students to make their way through difficult courses. Consider OTC as your academic companion, helping you navigate through hardy college courses.

Notes/School Information:

When students contact us why they've connected to OTC, the most important feedback we receive is that they are not getting the help they need quickly enough to accomplish the given homework. At OTC, we are very different. We understand that students put a lot of time and energy into finding an answer and, in their fast-paced lives, don't have time to wait around for a result. We respond swiftly!