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Basic Information

Address: 2911 Cleveland Avenue Santa Rosa, CA
Phone Number: 707-527-7032
Fax Number: 707-527-7960

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Additional Information

Executive Director: Andrew Bailey and Mary Beth Ludwig
President: Andrew Bailey and Mary Beth Ludwig
Service Description: Anova is a Northern California non-profit K-12 school and treatment center specializing in children and teens with autism and related social, emotional, and behavioral needs.
Mission Statement:

Anova's Mission is to provide innovative educational and behavioral services to children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and other neurodevelopmental impairments. Our services are provided in school, community, and home environments, allowing individuals to function more independently, engage in meaningful relationships with others, and lead an improved quality of life.

Eligibility Requirements: Please call 707-527-7032
Area Served: Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area
Services Offered:
K-12 education specializing in autism and learning differences
Autism treatment services including behavior analysis, speech and language, social cognition, occupational therapy, sensory integration, early intervention, paraprofessional support in public schools, and in-home services

Anova was founded in the spring of 2000, when Mary Beth Ludwig and Andrew Bailey opened Anova with very few resources beyond a mutual love of children, a desire a learn and grow personally, and fierce passion for excellence.

Slogan: Anova is Northern California’s most trusted provider of education and services to children and families living with autism and learning differences.