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Basic Information

Address: 7501 Auden Trail Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone Number: 770-394-9791
Fax Number: 770-394-7803

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Children's Special Services, LLC
Children's Special Services, LLC
Children's Special Services, LLC

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Additional Information

Executive Director: Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L
President: CEO/Exec. Director Susan N. S. Orloff, OTR/L
Service Description: Occupational Therapy Services
Mission Statement:

Dedicated to the optimum development of the child irrespective of the concern.

Membership Fee: none
Eligibility Requirements: OT/PT/Speech Therapist/Music therapist/psychologist/teacher/etc/
Area Served: nationally USA--Internationally upon request
Hours of Operation/Schedule: Mon-Thursday 9-5:30 Friday 9-12
Services Offered:
conferences/consultations/program design/seminars

Pediatric conferences and seminars provided through Advanced Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
For a complete listing please refer to www.

Conferences/Speakers: Susan N. Schriber Orloff, OTR/L
Fundraisers: none
Support Groups: participation in many parent/teacher/therapy support groups, parent gatherings, weekend retreats, etc.

Provider of services for children who learn differently for over 36 years.
GA OT of the Year 2007
GA Woman of Distinction 2004
For full vita please request through email

Detailed Organization Information:

 ONLY Occupational Therapy service in GA with US trademarked social skills , sensory and handwriting programs

POP™ Personal Options and Preferences ™ and WIN™ (Write Incredibly Now™ programs are year -round

Individual and group therapy ~~~~~evaluations~~consultations~~~~~school assessments, etc.

Explanations of group programs

Write Incredibly Now ™(W.I.N. TM)   is our exclusive U.S. trademarked handwriting program!  (Which means it does not exist anywhere else!) It breaks manuscript into three forms and cursive into four using colors instead of directional cues, as well as gross and fine motor games.~~available through YOUR Therapy Source on line or directly through Children's Special Services. LL

We also have a trademarked a social skills group, Personal Options and Preferences TM, P.O.P.TM that uses a speech therapy concepts (such as auditory processing, articulation, and listening skills) and two occupational therapists (motor processing, organization, task skills), and a certified and registered Music Therapist, who teaches the children in hand manipulation, presentation skills, motor memory, etc.).  Combined we are working on the ability to respond to ambient cues, group sharing, leadership, peer teaching as well as responses to bullying, being left out, how to make friends, etc.

We also have a S.H.I.N.E tm, Sensory, Hiking, Independence, Novel Experiences using Dr. Greenspan's Floortime approach. The children participate in Monday-hiking and (non-competitive) team games, Tuesday-swimming, Wednesday-rock climbing, and Thursday-Rafting. I have hired Chris Zelski, of Learning on the Log, to assist us with this program. Children work on coordination, group interaction, problem-solving and frustration tolerance while experiencing novel activities. This program is off-site at various locations in Dunwoody/Roswell area (you will receive maps to all locations). Drop-off and pick-up is at locations.


 Play Your Way to Sensory-Motor Sensory Success for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years.

This group will be led by an OT with two assistants.The objectives of this group are to Increase fine motor manipulative skills; Increase gross motor coordination; Increase group play skills; and much more!






Slogan: Creating the Courage to Comprehend