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Address: National Stuttering Association 119 W. 40th Street 14th Floor New York, NY 10018
Phone Number: 800-WeStutter (800-937-8888)
Fax Number: 212-944-8244

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Executive Director: Tammy Flores
President: Ernie Canadeo, Chairman of the Board of Directors (2009)
Mission Statement:

The National Stuttering Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing hope and empowerment to children and adults who stutter, their families, and professionals through support, education, advocacy, and research.

Membership Fee: $50
Eligibility Requirements: Support people who stutter
Area Served: United States network of support with relationships internationally as well
Hours of Operation/Schedule: Information in available 24 hours on our website.
Services Offered:
support for people who stutter and their families

The 2009 National Stuttering Association Annual Conference is being held July 8-12, 2009 in Scottsdale, Arizona. "It will change your life."..."We are a family. It's like a huge family reunion."..."You can't explain it. You've got to experience it."
Those statements are probably the three most common quotes from anyone who has ever attended an NSA Conference. It really is unlike ANY conference you've ever attended in your entire life. There will be numerous things to look forward to, such as inspiring
interactive workshops, motivational speakers, and countless opportunities to network with fellow stutterers and speech language
pathologists. Not to mention the annual awards, auction, and closing banquet where after dinner you get to show your
moves on the dance floor!

Conferences/Speakers: 2004's conference keynote was then senator, current Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden. Visit this link to hear more: 2009 NSA Conference keynote speakers: McGraw Milhaven: Stuttering since he began talking, McGraw Milhaven hasn't let that stop him. After five years of sports talk and news talk at KFAB in Omaha, McGraw Milhaven moved to St Louis and joined "The Voice of St Louis" KMOX. Shortly after leaving KMOX, Milhaven moved across town to the Big 550 KTRS. Gary Tietjen Gary Tietjen (pronounced Tee-jen): Get Ready for a High Energy Keynote Speaker He has been motivating and educating audiences for over a decade. His vast background includes over 30 years in cable and radio advertising sales and management. He’s been a radio on-air personality, a copywriter, a producer…and he’s worked retail.
Fundraisers: There are a lot of ways you can contribute to the NSA. The NSA is excited about our “Change for the Better” program which is an innovative fundraising approach tailored especially for the NSA as a result of the unique and daunting hurdles that every American non-profit organization has confronted due to our recent national economic challenges. This program helps us manage our budgeting and expenditures through an attractive regular monthly contribution that can be charged directly to your credit card, thus providing both the NSA and the donor with an improved systematic plan of financial support. By saving literally pennies, nickels and dimes daily, you can join one of the following examples of contributions to help your “change” bring “change” to the lives of those who stutter: - 50 cents a day or $15.00 per month ($180.00 annually - Bronze level) - 75 cents a day or $22.50 per month ($270.00 annually - Silver level) - 99 cents a day or $30.00 per month ($360.00 annually - Gold level)
Support Groups: The most powerful thing the NSA does is connect people to tell them that "if you stutter, you are not alone". The NSA has more than 80 local support group chapters all over the United States. The purpose of local chapters is to provide connections and support for people who stutter and their families. Find a Local Stuttering Support Group Chapter Near You! (adults, teens and kids)

The National Stuttering Association (originally called the National Stuttering Project, or NSP) was founded in California in January of 1977 by Bob Goldman and Michael Sugarman.

Early efforts of the organization focused on its community outreach program. Through Public Service Announcements (PSAs), advertisements in local newspapers, and appearances on local radio and television shows, the first members worked to spread the word about stuttering and about the new organization for people who stutter or stammer.

One of the group’s most important early projects was to establish local self-help groups across California and today, the NSA has more than 80 local support-group chapters nationwide.

In 1988, thanks to the advocacy of a group of members and their local representatives, the President of the United States signed a proclamation establishing the second week of May as National Stuttering Awareness Week. Later, the organization declared 1996 the Year of the Child Who Stutters, and hosted symposia around the country focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of young people who stutter. In 2001, the NSA hosted the first joint symposium for scientists and consumers: Pioneering Stuttering Research in the 21st Century. This meeting focused on building partnerships and fostering collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and people who stutter, to address research needs in the field of stuttering and stuttering treatments.

The NSA’s history reflects an unwavering commitment to helping adults and children who stutter, their families and the clinicians who serve them. The organization’s history of growth shows the success of its mission, outreach programs and message of hope, dignity, support, education and empowerment for children and adults who stutter, their families, and the professional community.

Find an NSA meeting near you.

To learn more about these programs, use the menu at the left. You can also contact the NSA at (800) We Stutter (800-937-8888 ) or email us at

Slogan: If you stutter, you are not alone.