Selective Mutism Foundation

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Address: Carolyn Miller, Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc., P. O. Box 13133, Sissonville, WV 25360. Sue Newman, Selective Mutism Foundation, Inc., PO Box 25972, Tamarac, FL 33320.

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Executive Director: Sue Newman and Carolyn Miller
Mission Statement:

Our mission, as conscientious co-founders, is to promote further research, advocacy, social acceptance, and the understanding of Selective Mutism as a debilitating disorder.

Through raising our children (who are now grown and on their own), networking, educating the public, and ongoing research participation, we have contributed immensely to society, including effecting DSM criteria and renaming of the disorder.

We continue to focus on Selective Mutism, exclusively, and remain steadfast with our goals and in providing assistance and membership in the most cost effective manner possible. We are not motivated by monetary gain, but rather by the silent cries for help from the children. We are particularly grateful to so many of you who contact us or send letters of gratitude acknowledging our sincerity.

We are proud to have been the ones that have pulled Selective Mutism out of the dregs of neglect, misconceptions, and negativity and elevated it into the limelight. We are proud to have given Selective Mutism a home among other recognized disorders, and dignifying it with credibility, integrity and attention. More importantly, we are proud of our adult children and the countless others we help. Through them we developed the greatest wealth of all, an abundance of inner strength, motivation, patience and perseverance against all obstacles.

In recent years, the Internet has advanced from a luxury to a necessity for many. The Internet is un-equivalent to any other means of mass communication, yet it is this form of communication that is a detriment to our population as it inadvertently suppresses verbalization.

And so, through our site we invite you to utilize our information, experience, and support, as your tool to empower yourselves. We are here to advocate for and bring about acceptance, verbal and social interaction, community inclusion, integration, and productivity for our unique population.

Together we continue to make a difference!

Sue Newman and Carolyn Miller

Area Served: Worldwide