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Basic Information

Address: 9921 Carmel Mountain Road #95, San Diego, CA 92129
Phone Number: 8582407860
Fax Number: 8584843451

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Joe Gandelman Comic Ventriloquist & Friends

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Additional Information

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Length: 45 minutes


Pricing: 500 and up

Have done how to do ventriloquism and puppetry workshops at schools, often mixing in the assembly theme. Schools have me do asssemblies, then a workshop or classroom visits.

Setup: Need 15 to 20 minutes to set up
Takedown: Need 15 to 20 minutes to set up
Equipment: On shows out of CA and neighboring states, mic stand and microphone are needed.
Special Requirements: Good sound (when driving to assemblies use personal sound system or school...out of state school sound system). Decent lighting. If you can't see or hear a ventriloquism program it's not good.

Comic Ventriloquist Joe Gandelman uses a BIG cast of characters in a show with lots of interaction, laughs and content. Schools can choose from existing message themes or ask Joe to customize it with a school's theme at no extra expense. The show is highly interactive. Among the characters kids (and staff) love the most are a baby elephant who squirts water into the front rows (a big squirt gun...this is tied into an anti-drug, anti smoking, anti bullying theme), a small blue dragon who has (fake) smoke come out of his nose, a student (or staffer) putting on a funny looking ventriloquism mask which turns the person into a human dummy (Joe does the voices). At the end of each show he does a quick segment on ventriloquism, showing student how a puppet works, giving them a few secrets and getting one or more students up to try out a dummy.

Mission Statement:

Shows and be education and FUN too. The idea is to give students the experience of funny, wholesome family entertainment and deliver content where requested in a way assures retention. The "learning through laughter" technique does work. I consider kids and staff family from the moment I walk in the door, until I leave (and even after).

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Kids of all ages (including teens) are indeed impressionable but also a lot more sophisticated than many adults realize. They forget what touched, inspired, and moved them and gave them confidence at young ages. I have a detailed memory of what imprinted me in positive and not so positive ways at early ages (almost a photographic memory of images and what was said). At many schools when I've asked for volunteers I unknowingly call up a student who is ADDH or autistic..and they steal the show and blossom.
Program History:

Joe Gandelman & Friends have been doing assemblies since 1990. This included two 8 month tours doing a route of school shows all over the country (and in Canada) for the Bureau of Lectures and Concert Artists. On the first tour, 49,000 miles were drive. This included doing shows for public schools, private schools and schools for various religions -- host notably for Sathya Sai School of Toronto, a Sai Baba school

Testimonials: There are LOTS of testmonials on the Joe Gandelman & Friends website The URL for the schools page: Here's the latest on a virtual show for a school in West Covina, CA (this is on the Gig Salad Joe Gandelman page but not yet on the JG website): "Joe did a virtual show for 400 elementary age students and the kids were so excited! They were entertained the entire time as Joe got everyone involved and we all participated and laughed and smiled at the witty jokes. We loved all the variety of puppets Joe had to offer and appreciated how he connected to the young audience." :
Additional Information:

If a school out of the CA area wants the show it can get a BIGGER DISCOUNT if several schools can book a the same time. Each school gets a discount. Over the years, districts on the East Coast and West Coast have set these up for 7 school days, 4 school days, etc. At one block of schools week, a school also slated a program for the evening. Schools can pick the number of assemblies they want and present JG with a show itinerary.