Alden Hebron Elementary School Garden

Basic Information

Grade Level: K-5
Address: 11915 Price Road Hebron, Illinois 60034
Person of Contact: Mary Noonan
Phone Number: 815-648-2442 ext. 528
Fax Number: 815-648-2339

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Student Size: 185
Number of Teachers: 10 classroom
Funding: Sales
Gardens (Sq. Feet): 900
Program Highlights:

The excitement of laying out our garden started it all. Indoor plantings, artwork - a scarecrow exhibition, seed gathering, transplanting. veggie sales, work days. Kids are very involved and willing to work.

Mission Statement:

To plan, design, and implement an edible school garden.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Using all students of Alden Hebron Elementary School plant, care for , eat, and sell fresh health vegetables and fruit.

Program History:

2008planning, grant applying, presenting to the school board and a group of parents and teacher. Received 2 grants and approval of our school board. 2009/10 our first season . 900 sq feet. Very successful
2010/11 2nd year. Going strong. Improved on some failures from yr 1. Much better!!!!

Volunteer Participation: During the summer, families sign up for a week of watering, weeding, picking and eating. Monday nights are garden night. Whoever show up works and brings home a bag of veggies. During the school year PE classes lend a hand, and a daily enrichment class in green living uses the garden for a project.
Program Information:

What a great experience this is for our students and their families.  One big word, PRIDE.  The kids are eating fresh veggies, we supply tomatoes and cucumbers to the high school for their lunch program.  Many parents have been "forced" to have home gardens.  How wonderful.