El Dorado School Garden

Basic Information

Grade Level: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Address: 1540 North Lincoln Street Stockton CA 95204
Person of Contact: Kristin Buckenham, Principal
Phone Number: 209 933 7175

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Student Size: 600
Student/Teacher Ratio: 32:1
Number of Teachers: 25
Hours/Week: 2
Funding: Donations, Grants
Gardens (Sq. Feet): 1,600
Program Highlights:

The garden has been fallow for several years. We are about to clean it up with the help of a community service group and get it relaunched.

Program History:

Our garden had a vigorous life in the 90's, but with the advent of NCLB, we were forced to leave it fallow.!

Volunteer Participation: Just beginning!