Golden Empire Community Garden

Basic Information

Grade Level: K-5
Address: 9045 Canberra Drive Sacramento, CA 95826
Person of Contact: Robert Snider
Phone Number: 916 228-5890
Fax Number: 916 228-5838

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Student Size: 45
Number of Teachers: 3
Hours/Week: 1
Funding: Donations, Private, Grants
Gardens (Sq. Feet): 600
Program Highlights:

After school garden club meetings as well as Saturday community work days have propelled a once dusty piece of land into 7 raised beds surrounded by several fruit trees. Picnic tables are being added in the vacinity, as well as the addition of a garden shed to enhance the program.

Mission Statement:

Let children grow and experience food from seed to table.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Students need contact with nature and agriculture to understand the world they live in. Hands on experiences with plants and insects enhance their enthusiasm for learning.

Program History:

It started with a grant from OSH in 2008. They supplied some supplies and seed money, and the school community showed up on consecutive Saturdays to dig and build, dig and build, and yet more digging and building. Successive grants from the California Fertilizer Organization and 4-H have helped to maintain and expand the garden area.

Volunteer Participation: Three teachers, two START after school program leaders, and several parents form the organizational structure of the garden.