Danebo School Community Garden

Basic Information

Grade Level: K-5
Address: 1265 Candlelight Dr. Eugene, Oregon
Person of Contact: Michelle Healey
Phone Number: 541-688-8735
Fax Number: 607-8186

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Student Size: 300+
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25+ to 1
Number of Teachers: 14+
Funding: Donations, Sales, Local
Gardens (Sq. Feet): 25-40
Program Highlights:

Student involvement in the Spring
Students are involved in planting for the spring and summer
We will spend time in the garden learning about seeds,composting and plant development.
We will use the garden for reading and doing math activities.
Students learn to take pride maintaining the garden and spending time there.

Mission Statement:

Many hands make light work
We are growing by helping others.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

There is no better way to learn than with hands on activities.
Students learn about nature, plant development and how vegetables and fruit are grown.

Program History:

This garden was started years ago by gifted and creative individuals who wanted to share their love of gardening with their students.
We continue their efforts today.

Volunteer Participation: Teachers Parents Students
Program Information:

My hope is that this garden will continue to be loved by kids, parents and teachers.