Greenland Pines Garden Program

Basic Information

Grade Level: K-5
Address: 5050 Greenland Rd. Jacksonville, Fl 32258
Person of Contact: Penny L. Porter
Phone Number: 260-5450 ext.147

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Student Size: around 1000 students in total school enrollment
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1 to 7
Number of Teachers: 40 classrooms
Hours/Week: 30 minutes daily during our playtime outside
Funding: Donations
Gardens (Sq. Feet): we have 3 garden areas - butterfly area, rose garden, & vegetable.flower area.
Program Highlights:

For our students to watch and eat what they grow. To watch caterpillar change into beautiful butterflies.

Mission Statement:

For our students to see science come alive.

Program History:

Started with a rose garden 15 years ago and add the other gardens 5 years ago.

Volunteer Participation: Parents and our PTA.
Program Information:

 Our student love to work in our garden area.