Trinidad School Garden Program

Basic Information

Grade Level: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8
Address: PO Box 3030, 300 Trinity Street Trinidad CA 95570
Person of Contact: Annie Lindquist
Phone Number: 707 677-3631
Fax Number: 707 677-0954

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Student Size: 169
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:24
Number of Teachers: 8
Hours/Week: 40
Funding: Donations
Gardens (Sq. Feet): 3 garden 7,000
Program Highlights:

we have a floral garden, rock garden, pond native american garden, last year added vegetable garden bins in another area, on field we are putting in a hot hard, we also have vermiculture and soil making and art related to gardening & nutrition education

Mission Statement:

to be developed

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

children learn best with hands on learning and outdoor education

Program History:

It began in 1990 with the first community and environmental grant putting in 5 raised beds and a pond and community involvement.

Volunteer Participation: It is totally K-8 encompancing usind a Child's Place in the environment and grow lab materials. Parents and retired community members assist inthe year long activities