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Phone Number: 703-8341118
Director: Janet Zhou

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Why is this a great opportunity for highschool students?

The Giant Panda is the national symbol of China; unfortunately, with its natural habitat threatened, it is also on the endangered species list. The opportunity to work with veterinarians and staff to help preserve this rare and lovable species is quite unique.
Additional information about this opportunity
After completing Abroad China's "Save the Panda Program", volunteers will have experienced various cultural sites in Beijing and Shanghai while contributing to the preservation of the Giant Panda. This program is well rounded in terms of provided participants with a cultural context of China as well as the preservation of China's national symbol.
Additional Information:

Location: Beijing, Sichuan & Shanghai; People's Republic of China
Project: Environmental/Animals
• Work with experienced veterinarians in the Panda Center's hospital
• Help with various research studies, data collection and panda behavior observation
• Twice a day volunteers will be asked to clean the panda's living area and the young panda's play area (removing waste and bamboo leaves)
• In addition to these activities volunteers have the chance to play with panda cubs and hike the beautiful mountains surrounding the Panda Center.
Sponsor: Abroad China, Inc. & Woolong Nature Reserve
Length: 10 Days
Requirements: Advanced/fluent spoken English; must provide up to date immunization records or physical exam;
Restrictions: No Children under 10 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult