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Basic Information

Address: Kitende Kitovu, Wakiso District.
Phone Number: +256754855769
Director: David Kibalama

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Volunteer 2 Uganda
Volunteer 2 Uganda
Volunteer 2 Uganda
Volunteer 2 Uganda

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Social Development
Population Served: 5,000,000
Ages for Volunteer: 16-50 yesra
Hours of Service: 8
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 6
Days of Service: 5
Languages: English
Experience Required:

No Experience Needed

Programs Open To: Child Care, Teaching Special Needs Care,
Travel Arrangements:

Our team picks volunteers from the airport to their Home stays, then work hours, Volunteers travel by common taxis and moto bikes to their projects of work.

Participants Work: Teaching, childcare, bathing and feeding children
Application Process:

Volunteers can apply through our website https://volunteerstouganda.com/wfp-dashboard/

Visa Requirements:

You need to apply for a visa to Uganda online https://visas.immigration.go.ug/.

Program Highlights:

Volunteers 2 Uganda also offers for group travelers a chance to work as a team.

You could apply as a

Missionary Group

High school Group

University Group

Or as an Individual Traveler.


Available year-round

7 meaningful project options

The program is based in the town of Kitende Kitovu, which is located 15 kilometers from the capital city of Kampala

Volunteers are accommodated in a volunteer house

Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support

Program fees from $290 for 1 week and $120 for any extra additional Week.

Between 5 and 15 volunteers start in Uganda each month

Start and duration of Uganda Volunteer Program: The volunteer program begins on the first and third Monday of each month. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for periods ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks.

Uganda Volunteering Requirements: Volunteers must be 16 years or older on the volunteer program start date, have adequate volunteer travel insurance and provide a criminal background check to Volunteers 2 Uganda staff on arrival in Uganda.

How many other volunteers will be there? Between 10 and 30 volunteers start on our volunteer programs in Uganda each month. What does this mean for you? More people to socialize with and travel with, more people to meet from different cultures, more people to volunteer with, more projects to work on, more staff support, better infrastructure for volunteers and lower fees!

Arrival and orientation

The program orientation begins on the first and third Monday of each month, and volunteers need to arrive in Entebbe on the Sunday before orientation.

After you have registered for the program, please book your flights to arrive at Entebbe International Airport (EBB). Your airport pick-up is included in your Program Fee.

When you arrive, you will be greeted at the airport by a member of the local team and transported to the volunteer accommodation in Mutungo. Your accommodation is covered by your Program Fee and includes the night before your program orientation.

If you are traveling in Uganda prior to your volunteer program, we can arrange for you to be picked up in Kampala or Entebbe on the day before your program orientation.

Orientation is hosted by our local team at the volunteer base in Mutungo. Orientation begins on the morning of your chosen start date and covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Uganda - Introduction to Uganda, Culture and Customs, Rules and Expectations, Safety, Language Basics (Luganda), Travel Opportunities, Introduction to Project and Placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.
Volunteer schedule

First Day: On your first day of volunteering, you will be escorted to your placement by a local coordinator and introduced to the placement staff you will be working with.

Weekdays: Volunteers work for approximately 3 to 5 hours per day. A typical schedule is as follows:

7.00 AM - Breakfast at the volunteer house, prepared by the local cook.

7.30 AM - Volunteers travel to their placements either by taxi or by walking. Start time and daily workload depends on the project that the individual volunteer is participating on.

1.00 PM - Volunteers break for lunch. Volunteers either travel back to the volunteer house or eat a packed lunch at their placement. After lunch, volunteers continue with their volunteer work (where applicable).

3.00 PM - 4.00 PM - Work at the placement usually ends. Volunteers are free to return to the volunteer house, plan for the following day's activities or use their free time as they wish.

7.00 PM - Dinner at the volunteer house, prepared by a local cook.

Please note, this schedule will vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating on.


Volunteers are provided with three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), prepared by an on-site local cook. If you wish to snack or eat outside of meal times, this will be at your own cost and there are local shops within the villages where you can purchase snacks. Breakfast generally includes tea, eggs, bread and fruit. For lunch and dinner, there is a revolving menu of local dishes, which include typical Ugandan stews (beef, chicken, pork, goat, fish and vegetable), beans, rice, chapatti, groundnuts and vegetables. Starchy foods such as white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, matoke (boiled green bananas), and cassava are dietary staples. The tropical climate of Uganda also contributes to a healthy choice of seasonal fruits, including bananas, watermelon, papayas, mangos, jackfruit, and pineapples. Bottled drinking water is readily available in Uganda and volunteers should budget approximately $5 per week for this.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know well in advance of your program so our local team can make arrangements for you. We do, however need to stress the point that you should not expect to eat as you normally do at home. We will do our best to see that you are well taken care of, but also as a volunteer, there is a need to be flexible.

  • Poweroutlet: Type G
  • Vaccine: We recommend; Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus and Cholera.

Application form
When you have booked your volunteer program with us, we will send you an application form (together with the registration fee). Fill out the application form and return it to us, we will then forward it to the project as basis for your volunteer placement.


You, yourself are responsible for applying for and acquiring the required visa for entering the country of your destination. Different visa rules may apply depending on your nationality. Visit the embassy web page for the country of your destination, to find out the accurate visa terms between your resident country and the country where you are travelling.


Remember to get vaccinated about a month before your departure. Check with your lokal vaccination center or doctor what vaccinations you need for your travels. We always recommend that you have adequate protection against Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus and Cholera, regardless of destination.
Remember! Circumstances can change rapidly, and epidemics can break out. You are responsible for keeping yourself informed, and also for which vaccination protection you choose.



Liability insurance is included in the price of your volunteer trip. Liability insurance applies to occasions when you as a private person are required to pay damages for having unintentionally damaged someone or someone's property.


You, yourself are responsible to ensure that your insurance cover covers illness, injury and theft while you travel and work as a volunteer.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission: To uplift and empower needy and vulnerable people in society by improving their quality of life through healthcare, psycho social interventions, childcare, education, capacity building, livelihood and skills development, empowerment, linkages and networking to other sustainable programs.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Volunteers 2 Uganda {V2U} is a Non-Government Organization with registration No. S5914/12354, and a Limited Company by guarantee formed in 2007.

Today V2U ridges the gap between vulnerable Ugandan Projects and Volunteers looking for meaningful volunteering Abroad, Students desiring to Learn in real life and Tourists Wishing to Learn the Pearl of Africa.

Volunteers are then matched with affordable needy Projects which include Childcare, Teaching, Special Needs Care, HIV/ AIDS Support Programs, Women Empowerment Programs, Farm and Vet Programs and Sports Education.

Today, Volunteers 2 Uganda sends volunteers and interns to all areas of Uganda. You too can join us through joining hands and helping others.

The African continent is regarded as having the largest number of children in the world, most of whom are orphaned by parents who have died of AIDS, war, or illness, while others are affected by extreme poverty and hunger. These people often have no hope for a better future and lack opportunities to access basic necessities and rights, such as education, healthcare, clothing, food, and shelter. VOLUNTEERS 2 UGANDA is dedicated to giving every person and their family an opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

Program History:

Volunteers 2 Uganda has been operating since 2007, and in that time has managed to place thousands of volunteers in various projects across Uganda.