Volunteer with a group of young refugees in Kenya!

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Basic Information

Address: Kakuma1 Zone4 Block6
Phone Number: +254100802708
Director: Lyama Amadi

Action Shots

Volunteer with a group of young refugees in Kenya!
Volunteer with a group of young refugees in Kenya!
Volunteer with a group of young refugees in Kenya!
Volunteer with a group of young refugees in Kenya!

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Women Empowerment,Education,Livelihood and Conservation Of Environment
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Refugees And Host communities
Ages for Volunteer: 18 to 70
Hours of Service: 3 to 6 hours a day
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 2hours
Days of Service: Monday To friday
Languages: English
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

Teamwork,Time management,Communication,Compassion,Strong work ethics etc...

Programs Open To: Administration
Travel Arrangements:

After confirming your placement, book flights to arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the sole international airport in Kenya. From there, book a flight to Lodwar (Turkana) departing from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. Our Director or Program Manager will arrange airport pickup in Lodwar, Turkana County, and transport you to the volunteer hotel in Kakuma town.

Program Highlights:
  • Teach computer literacy to girls.
  • Support women in establishing their own businesses.
  • Empower women to achieve financial independence.
  • Conduct skills training and health workshops.
  • Contribute to adult education, including English, reading, and writing classes.
  • Proficiency in teaching various dance styles and methodologies, from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Teaching acting skills, including voice and movement, in a classroom setting.
  • Conducting acting classes to enhance students' skills and industry knowledge.
  • Developing dance curriculum and preparing lesson plans.
  • Effective communication with a diverse group of teachers and students.
  • Engaging, encouraging, and motivating students to achieve their goals.
  • Evaluating student performance and providing suggestions for improvement.
  • Conducting group and private lessons as required.
  • Creating a fun and creative learning environment.
  • Staying updated in your discipline and implementing necessary changes to dance routines and curriculum.
  • Assessing student progress and offering feedback on technique and performance.
  • Teaching general music styles.
  • Building relationships with and mentoring students.
  • Incorporating musical instruments and movement in lessons, among other responsibilities.
  • Tree planting
  • Participation in environmental education outreach
  • Working in a tree nursery
  • Developing mechanisms for recycling and utilising waste in Kakuma refugee camp
  • Painting educational murals
  • Teaching English, Math, and various subjects
  • Organising games and arts activities
  • Sharing love and care with children
  • Empowering them by sharing your own culture
  • Providing support for extracurricular activities
Mission Statement:

We invite volunteers to come and live with us for a short time and learn about our way of life. We hope that you can bring skills and ideas to help improve our way of life and the potential to improve our situation. Most of us have arrived at the camp with very little, we have built our lives using the shared skills and effort of our community. We are very open to learning new things to help improve our situation. Agriculture, Technology, Sport, Language… we welcome YOU

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Raise awareness about the organisation's cause, and meet new friends, our organization will be able to write you a recommendation letter, teach you valuable skills, Brings fun into your life and Provides job prospects.

Program History:

Faulu Productions is a non-profit community based organization working to strengthen livelihoods of local residents through education, agriculture, Skills for Life and other community projects. It was founded in Kakuma Refugee Camp on the 30th of June 2015 by refugees youths from the DRCongo, Somali and Sudan. We are officially registered and recognized by the government of Kenya through

Additional Information:

Volunteering in this region creates employment opportunities for the local coordinators & supplements the farmers enabling competitive opportunities for the farms involved,School Children in this region rarely have the opportunity to interact with foreigners who speak English. Promoting these skills can have a profound impact on the children's future career prospects.