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Basic Information

Address: 2130 Center Street STE 8 Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone Number: 510-540-1009
Director: Rob Harris

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African Conservation Experience
African Conservation Experience
African Conservation Experience
African Conservation Experience

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Additional Information

Causes Served: African Wildlife Conservation, Rhino Poaching, Cub Cuddling, Elephant Protection, Wildlife Rehabilitation and rerelease
Population Served: All
Ages for Volunteer: 17-70
Hours of Service: 2 -12 weeks
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 2 weeks
Days of Service: Monday-Saturday
Languages: English
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

No experience required - all training takes place on-site

Programs Open To: ACE programs are open to participants from all backgrounds. You must be 17 years old to participate, be physically capable of completing arduous tasks for long hours. You also must have a passion and understanding of the complexity of wildlife conservation in the African context.
Travel Arrangements:

You are responsible for international travel arrangements to and from Johanessburg, South Africa. ACE provides all in-Africa transportation. Our ground manager meets all volunteers at the airport and arranges transfers to each individual project.

Participants Work: wildlife orphanage and rehabilitation, animal management, wildlife veterinary work, surveying and research, game capture team assist
Application Process:

We require all volunteers complete our online application. The application is open year round and we accept participants on a rolling basis.

Visa Requirements:

There are no visa requirements for visiting South Africa as a tourist for 90 days or less within one year. If you are planning on staying longer than 90 days we are happy to discuss your options.

Program Highlights:

As an ACE volunteer you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. You can work hands-on caring for infant and injured wildlife at a rehabilitation center, you can be out in the field shadowing a wildlife vet or you can assist with our game capture team relocating herds and large mammals to different reserves. Have you ever dreamed of working hands-on with a team of qualified conservationists? One day you may preform tb tests on buffalo and the next you may need to sleep in an enclosure with an infant rhino whose family has recently been poached...each day is different on a conservation project. Volunteers are desperately needed to assist with the work and funding of critical initatives throughout Southern Africa.

Mission Statement:

African Conservation Experience established, maintains and supports conservation organizations in Southern Africa. Projects are selected on the basis of real conservation value, the genuine wildlife experience they are able to provide to enthusiastic volunteers and their contribution to the local environment and community. 

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are driven by two specific aims;

  • To give volunteers the opportunity to experience conservation work in southern Africa.
  • To provide financial support and information exchange for conservation projects in southern Africa.

African Conservation Experience has excellent links with some of the foremost game and nature reserves in southern Africa. Our South African heritage means that we know the reserves and the work they do. Our local facilitators know the local tribes and communities well. We also understand the challenges and demands that conservation volunteers face. All ACE staff share a passion for conservation and have first hand knowledge of all the reserves we work with.

Program History:

ACE was started as a family organization by our South African founder Rob. Rob realized that his friends working in conservation were desperate for funding, physical help and expertise. He also realized how many of his childrens University peers were looking for hands-on experience with wildlife. Combining the two needs - Rob sent his son as the very first ACE volunteer to assist with a wildlife rehabilitation project. After his visit many of his friends also wanted to have a similar experience in Africa. From this point forward the programs and opportunities blossomed. Now we feel privilaged to offer assitance to quality conservation organizations while providing volunteers of all ages an unforgetable experiential opportunity to be intimately invovled in African wildlife preservation.


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