Agape Childrens Centre

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Basic Information

Address: Box 37713 00100,GPO Nairobi .Kenya Ngong Road
Phone Number: +254721528729
Director: Barnabas Mutua

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Volunteering
Population Served: more than 200 pax
Ages for Volunteer: 16 yrs and above
Hours of Service: 6-8 per day
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 6
Days of Service: 5 weekly
Languages: English
Languages used as a Medium: Swahili
Programs Open To: 8 -3 pm
Travel Arrangements:

Volunteers are supposed to apply for tourist visa.We pick the volunteers right on arrival at our Airport.Nairobi
-Jomo kenyatta International airport

Participants Work: General
Application Process:

Send an email to us first then we begin the application process.

Visa Requirements:

Get a tourist visa on arrival of our Airport,you need your passport and 50 usd

Program Highlights:

-High school and primary -Teaching,sports,cooking
-Medical-Nursing,giving drugs,dressing etc.
-Wildlife-work with rangers in a national part
-Orphanages- Cooking,washing utencils,teaching.

Mission Statement:

-Empowering the community

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Together we can achieve

Social Networks: