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Director: Kari Korhonen

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Art In Tanzania
Art In Tanzania
Art In Tanzania
Art In Tanzania

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Additional Information

Days of Service: 2 weeks - 6months
Program Highlights:

Working with various communities, in various towns and experience the real Tanzanian life which isn't seen my most of those who come to the country as tourists.

We operate in Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Arusha, Masai land and Zanzibar. We have around 100 volunteers in the country at any one time and 60 permanent staff to co-ordinate the projects.

Our Vision

Art in Tanzania is an organization with a new vision. To be at the heart of community development, we believe that we have to match money with commitment, and that people's willingness to give can be its own reward. That's why Art in Tanzania focuses on long-term development projects and does not use public funds, so that people can see the direct results of their work and contributions blossom over time. Operating as a self-sustainable business model raising funds through safaris, magazines, music and volunteer fees, and with all profits put back into our educational, cultural and medical projects, the people who work with Art in Tanzania can get as much out of their time and money as they put in. But most importantly, the communities in which we operate benefit from everybody's desire to provide them with a better future.

Additional Information:

Art in Tanzania is a Tanzanian NGO, also registered in Finland, which develops community work projects in towns and villages in Tanzania. We have volunteers abroad working together with numerous small local Tanzanian NGOs, arranging short and long-term volunteer placements in various areas such as teaching, IT training, health (HIV, malaria), women groups, arts and handicrafts, music, sports coaching and environmental and conservation projects.

Setting: Based in Dar es Salaam we have a 4 -floor hostel which is exclusively for volunteers. We are located five minutes away from the coast where you can swim in the Indian Ocean. Being just outside Dar es Salaam means we have the convienence of the city, but the peacefulness of the suburbs

Program: Our main objective is to enhance the quality of life for orphans, women and tribal people such as the Masai across Tanzania, as well as developing environmental projects. All our work is ongoing, sustainable and operates at grassroots level.