Bright Light Volunteers

Basic Information

Address: 9540 Garland Road Suite 381 Box 116 Dallas, TX 75218
Phone Number: (866) 612-4231
Director: Catherine Greenberg

Action Shots

Bright Light Volunteers
Bright Light Volunteers
Bright Light Volunteers
Bright Light Volunteers

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Building, Renovation, Farming, Reforestation, Animal Rescue
Experience Required:

No experience is necessary to participate in one of our programs.

Programs Open To: Anyone over the age of 16
Travel Arrangements:

Travel arrangements are made by Bright Light Volunteers, and the cost of travel is included in your program donation. Sometimes, other arrangements can be made, at the request of our volunteers.

Program Highlights:

Not only do our volunteers spend time serving the communities we visit, we also interact daily with our host families and guides, stregthening the relationships between our country and theirs. We act as ambassadors of the United States and our schools.
Our programs are designed to offer a variey of educational and cultural excursions to futher benefit our volunteers and the communities we visit.
Thanks to our partners at Bethel University, all program participants have the option of earning three hours of transferrable college credit. This is offered as an online course covering the history and culture of the destination your group chooses to visit. High School students have the option to participate in this unique opportunity as well, as part of Bethel University's Dual Enrollment program.

Mission Statement:

We are a committed partner for international student volunteering, uniting people and cultures through positive, sustainable change.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are dedicated to our mission: making the world a brighter place!

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