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Address: 236 Glen Place Elkins Park, PA 19027 USA
Phone Number: 1-215-780-1845
Fax Number: 1-215-887-0915
Director: Sarah & Oliver Ehlers

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Orphanage Children
Population Served: Orphanage Children
Ages for Volunteer: 17 to 85 y/o
Hours of Service: 20 or 40 a week
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 20 a week
Days of Service: Monday to Friday
Languages: English / Spanish
Languages used as a Medium: English /Spanish
Experience Required:

Program Length: 1 Week to 8-12 Weeks

Program Date: year round * some exceptions

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Accommodations: Homestay or on-site accommodations

Meals: Yes, 3 meals a day

Requirements: 18yrs +

Check our website for specific details for each program
Programs Open To: This is a public facility that provides daily child care services, pre-school and kindergarten classes to small babies and children
Travel Arrangements:

https://www.abroaderview.org/images/programs/bullet.png); color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-position: 0% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;" class="left">Inclusions

  • Airfare and Insurance (US$50) not included
  • Pre-departure Orientation Guide. Includes detailed travel, safety & cultural information and many tips that will make your trip planning easier.
  • Detailed Fundraising Guide that will help you raise the funds needed to travel, as well as provide donations to the project.
  • Accommodations: Home stay, shared volunteer residence, guesthouses. Safe, clean, comfortable local housing, inspected by our local coordinators.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Special meals at request.
  • Airport meet and greet by our ABV project coordinator (At any time, any day!)
  • First night hotel accommodation *some programs
  • Guidance and support of a local project coordinator, 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Orientation/city briefing on arrival by our Ω∫ABV project coordinator.
  • Placement in a quality project, allowing you to maximize your time and efforts in a good cause.
  • Transportation to project site only the first day with our ABV project coordinator. Includes introduction to local staff and community members with whom you will be working with.
  • Volunteer Program: Half day (4 hours only) Spanish refresher Lesson. Part of volunteer orientation on arrival. (*Some countries)
  • Departure transfer by our ABV project coordinator.
  • A Feedback page on our ABV website with pictures of your trip.
  • The Presidents Volunteer Service Award lapel pin (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  • Personalized Presidents Volunteer Service Award certificate of achievement.
  • Letter of completion from A Broader View Volunteers Corp·· ··By request, A Letter of Recommendation provided by the local organization detailing the activities developed by the volunteer during his or her stay.
Participants Work: Orphanage Assistance
Application Process:

Please watch this video for each step: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n__z-_wbMVE

Visa Requirements:

Some countries need visa, check our website for details for each country

Program Highlights:

A Broader View offers programs which specifically focus on child care abroad. Our volunteer aim is to provide hands on help with the day-to-day operation of the orphanage so they can provide the children with good quality food, housing, education and health care. By providing individual attention to a needy child, you too can make a lasting difference. A hug and a smile provide meaning to the life of kids who had grown up deprived of love and care.

Mission Statement:

A Broader View Volunteer's mission is to provide developing countries around the world with significant volunteer programs that both aid the neediest communities and forge a lasting bond between those volunteering and those they have helped.  A Broader View is a nonprofit organization with no religious affiliations.

Why? We believe that the best way to learn about cultural differences is to experience it first-hand. Volunteering to do meaningful work is not only beneficial to the community, it is self-rewarding.   Returnees usually state that their lives have been changed forever.

Our Goals: We hope to enlighten and educate the minds of those who choose to make that journey of caring to a different culture so unlike their own.   Volunteering in foreign countries helps promote communication and trust between nations, and provides everyone involved an opportunity to expand their global horizons.

ABV Impact: ABV has been sending volunteers abroad since 2007.  In that time, we have sent over 5,000 volunteers to 195 programs in 22 countries.  Many of these volunteers have assisted in the care and education of over 8,000 orphans.  Some have served in the medical and dental arena.  Numerous children  and students have been instructed by ABV teaching volunteers.  Many others have aided in the rescue of sea turtle and the conservation efforts in the Amazon.   And others have built schools, dorms, play grounds and fresh water wells. A Broader View raised and distributed over $1 million in donations We continue to be a part of the positive change within many communities around the world.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

A Broader View Volunteers was founded by Sarah and Oliver Ehlers, after a trip to Chile, South America. While there, they saw the overwhelming need of the children and incredible difference volunteers made in helping a local orphanage. After returning home to the USA and researching different service organizations, they were stunned at how costly and restrictive many volunteering programs are. They decided to create an affordable, safe and worthy program so that anyone who wished to travel and volunteer - could easily afford to do so.

Oliver Ehlers was born and raised in Chile, South America. He holds a BA degree in Business Administration and Tourism. He has extensive experience in Business Development, Marketing and sat on the faculty of Economy & Business at the University of La Serena, Chile. He has traveled extensive throughout South and Central America, and spent time living abroad in Denmark and Spain.

Sarah Ehlers was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA USA. She holds a degree in Hospitality Management and Business. She worked eleven years in the area of travel management, focusing on coordinating international programs for the US market. She has traveled extensively throughout Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Through their travels and backgrounds in Hospitality Management, Tourism, and Business, they have created an outstanding yet affordable program which offers the traveler the experience of their lifetime -- volunteering abroad and making a difference in the world.

Additional Information:

Please email your inquiries to us at: volunteers[at]abroaderview.org

A Broader View Volunteers Corp

236 Glen Place
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Toll Free: (866) 423 3258

International Phone:

US 215 780 1845
US 215 253 4512
UK (020) 812 397 81
AU (02) 800 368 07

A Broader View office is open 10am-4pm (ET) Monday to Friday.