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Address: Marcella E8-45 y Shyris
Phone Number: (593-2) 2873 170
Director: Maria Viteri

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Eco Volunteer UP
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Additional Information

Program Highlights:

While all countries around the world are concerned about the global crisis, we continue helping our community and environment. If you want to save money, have great fun and help our people and environment, attend our volunteer programs. In Ecuador, our volunteer projects are located in the cultural city of Quito, Galapagos, Amazon, Andes, Puerto Lopez, Cloud Forest....

If you are planning to explore the real cultural and natural beauty of Ecuador, why not start your adventure by joining one of our voluntary positions, free Spanish lessons, village hiking expeditions, or sightseeing of some of the cultural wonders of Ecuador. Eco-Volunteer UP offers you unique opportunities to explore the great land of Ecuador while working for children and people in teaching, orphanage projects, health, forest placements with its flora, fauna and other community development projects.

Eco-Volunteer UP Foundation welcomes families and friends who would like to volunteer together.

Volunteering in Latin American as a family, or even as a group of friends or co-workers, can be one of the most wonderful and gratifying experiences of your life. We have a range of programs that combine volunteering and sightseeing opportunities in some of the most popular destinations around Ecuador.
As a family volunteering, your children can discover parts of the world they would probably never learn about at school. Our programs allow for a unique, in-depth look at a foreign land that is just not possible on a typical vacation.
As a group, your classroom, club, or co-workers, can have one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences as together you learn about and experience life and culture in another land. This is an amazing opportunity to bond as you do something completely different and out of the ordinary.
Our volunteering programs are suitable for family or groups from all areas of society: college students on a summer break, students from a class or university department, sports teams, work colleagues or even groups of friends looking for a truly original volunteer experience!
The programs we offer range in length from a one week stay to 12 weeks, depending on the time you have available and project that you would like to participate in.
Many of the projects can accommodate groups of various sizes. Please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can match your group's size with the right opportunity. Please also inquire about opportunities that include volunteer work and the chance to travel.

Volunteer in Quito:

  • day care project
  • orphanage project
  • elderly care project
  • young mothers project
  • health project
  • children with disabilities project

Volunteer in the Amazon:

  • Wild Rescue Animal project
  • Conservation and Comunity project
  • Teaching English project

Volunteer in Cloud Forest:

  • Conservation project
  • Environmental project
  • Community project
  • Organic farm

Volunteer in Galapagos:

  • Reforestacion and conservation project

Volunteer on the Coast:

  • Organic farm project
  • Marine conservation project
  • Sustainable food production and conservation Coast forest project

Additional Information:

Eco-Volunteer UP Foundation is a non-profit organization which is recognized legally by Ecuadorian Government.
The volunteer programs give support through volunteers to the many worthy programs, such as vulnerable orphanages, institutes for children with disabilities, street children, and local indigenous communities. The volunteer programs are located in and around Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Program locations include the cloud forest and its communities close to Quito, the Ecuadorian Amazon, Puerto López, the Galápagos Islands, and other important places around Ecuador.

We offer volunteers real immersion in the various Ecuadorian ecosystems, and real opportunities for learning and sharing the Ecuadorian cultures, costumes and traditions.