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Basic Information

Address: P.O Box 2784 Kampala, Uganda East Afria EACO's main office is located in Ggulu, Total village behind colline hotel mukono, Mukono town, Mukono district, Central Uganda.
Phone Number: +256774310393
Director: Shadrak Kyobe

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Empower and Care Organization
Empower and Care Organization
Empower and Care Organization
Empower and Care Organization

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Additional Information

Days of Service: Minimum: 1 week Maximum: 52 weeks
Program Highlights:

EACO particularly welcomes skilled professionals that can help the organization to improve and develop, but EACO welcomes the enthusiasm and commitment of all willing volunteers. EACO is committed to ensuring all voluntary experiences are as mutually beneficial as possible, and can find accommodation with local families or in guest houses. Regardless of the duration of your time, EACO will welcome you as one of the family, and give you the chance to make life-long friends in the community, REALLY make a difference, and work with a truly inspirational community based organization.

EACO is seeking volunteers with social work experience to assist in a range of activities that we undertake. Each volunteer is free to sample any of the following programme activities depending on each volunteer's skills and flexibility.The work you undertake will depend on your specific experience but may include:

  • HIV care and counseling.
  • An education and awareness schemes to increase knowledge about HIV/AIDS in educational institutions and in the wider community.
  • Human awareness and sensitization.
  • The caring and support of orphans using sponsorship schemes.
  • An empowerment programme for widows who are victims of the disease to assist them to earn some income.
  • Water and sanitation programmes.
  • Delivering support, materials and writing reports on EACO project progress.
  • Teaching at schools and co-coordinating peer education projects. This is a challenging but amazing program for volunteers with experience organizing children, such as camp counselors, day care workers, and people who love children. Bring your games, songs, and enthusiasm to the village!
  • The provision of home based care for victims of Poverty and HIV/STDS.
  • Youth / Childcare support and empowerment programme.
  • Delivering training to staff and volunteers on relevant issues.
  • Assisting with administration and writing grant prosposals.

For volunteers with the appropriate experience we can organize workshops for both the clients and the volunteers so if you have skills you would like to share with the clients, this is welcomed.


EACO particularly welcomes skilled social work professionals that can help the organization to improve and develop.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Computer literacy and database familiarity required.
  • The ideal candidate writes persuasive, clear, concise proposals and has experience writing proposals.
  • A disciplined self-starter who pays attention to detail, regularly sets and achieves work goals, has the ability to work independently and calmly.
  • Ability to work well in a small team environment is essential.
Additional Information:

Empower and Care Organization (EACO) was founded in 2004 at the community level and was registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2006.

EACO provides physical and psychosocial support to marginalized and at-risk women, vulnerable children and orphans, youth and the elderly living in the Mukono district.

EACO also campaigns for poverty, HIV/AIDS and human awareness and provides direct support to children who have been orphaned as a result of the poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence, displacement war, or conflict. In addition to providing orphans with school supplies in addition to that EACO has established and created income-generating opportunities for women, vulnerable children and orphans, youth and the elderly living in the Mukono district and Maracha district in West Nile.

Organizational Objectives
To stimulate, promote, and support economic activities in rural communities that improve quality of life for disadvantaged and marginalized persons; and Human Rights
To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and mitigate its effects;
Increase access to potable water and sanitation facilities.
To improve agricultural production by making necessary resources available;
To build and strengthen the capacity of community groups in order to improve upon management and planning at the local level
To build and strengthen strategic partnerships to maximize and effect change; and
To mobilize resources and facilities from key stakeholders, government, and donors so as to implement community programs.
To improve on the health and sanitation of the community by bringing safe clean water.
To encourage everyone involved in sacrificing children or anybody that contributes towards making child sacrifice successful to stop this gruesome activity.
We have a belief that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.

EACO is committed to a development process that promotes equality. EACO believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people especially in the rural communities. EACO upholds principles of stewardship with its resources and is committed to support vulnerable children and disadvantaged people fight poverty, ignorance and diseases such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Please you can find more about this on this website http://www.eacouganda.webs.com/volunteering.htm

EACO has got a volunteer's house. Also we can have those who want to come for their holidays when they are not volunteers like married couple students or other groups who want to come and do tourism in Uganda . When they come and spend their holidays with us that small amount we get from them, it can help us to empower our communities. As a community based organization developed by and for Ugandans, EACO has to work gain the funding required to run it's projects.


Weekend tour & travel and other activities can be assisted by our office and here Allen Birungi is the one in charge of this.

Airport pickup, meeting at airport and transfer to project location

On arrival at the airport we pick up our volunteer(s) and transfer them to the project location by Bus/Car.


We provide volunteers with appropriate accommodation in the volunteers' house which is setup like a guest house. The house contains sharing bedrooms with a bunk bed others are single bed facility with an attached washroom. The kitchen facility is available in the house where volunteers can prepare their meals. Essential and utensils are provided.

Host Family Stay

If the volunteer will be living in a host family stay, the living arrangements also are in an appropriate distance to the project. A separate living room on dual or triple sharing basis with volunteers is provided. The host family will serve 3 local area meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

Regardless of the duration of your time, EACO will welcome volunteers As one
the family, and give you the chance to make life-long friends in Uganda .

"chris asafe" <chris.crowstaff@asafeworldforwomen.org>, lucy.delatour@gmail.com, "Jennifer Timmons" <65pandas@gmail.com>, you can also look at our link here http://www.asafeworldforwomen.org/partners-in-africa/partners-in-uganda/...