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Basic Information

Address: Ein Sarah Street, Hebron, Palestine
Phone Number: 00972597840984
Director: Rafat Shantir

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Additional Information

Population Served: All
Ages for Volunteer: between 18-70 years old
Hours of Service: 35
Days of Service: Saturday to Thursday
Languages: English-Arabic
Languages used as a Medium: Arabic
Programs Open To: All majors and nationalities are welcome to apply.
Program Highlights:

Excellence Center for Education and Training Services, would like to invite you to volunteer in Hebron-Palestine . As a volunteer in Palestine, you will have the opportunity to experience Palestinian daily life and familiarize yourself with the area's rich history. The program will provide volunteers with an entertaining, enriching, and dynamic stay. Furthermore, volunteers will have the opportunity to meet Palestinian university and school students as well as community members. Finally, Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn Arabic and stay with a Palestinian host family.

Volunteer in Palestine Program provides:

The programs offers you a stay with a Palestinian host family, the opportunity to learn spoken Arabic and meet Palestinian university and school students as well as community members, Participants will have the opportunity to learn in depth about the ongoing Israeli occupation, and experience Palestinian Culture and live the daily life in Hebron, Palestine.

Mission Statement:

Excellence Center’s Mission is the cultivation of highly trained and capable graduates with a  conversational English proficiency that will lead to successful participation in the labor force and contribute to societal development in the Palestinian community. Through educational programs, workshops, activities and other initiatives, including participation by community members, we serve participants of varying ages, interests, educational levels, including primary and secondary school students, university students and community members.

Moreover, Excellence Center seeks to increase mutual understanding between the Palestinian people and people from other countries through means of educational and cultural exchange which assists in the development of peaceful relations.

Program History:

We have founded this program of hosting internationals in June 2011. Since then 60 volunteers have worked with us from different countries like the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, China, The Netherlands and Switzerland etc. Interns who joined us were able to get to know the culture intimately and understand the situation in Palestine better.