The Fruition Center: Holistic Ecology Community

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Basic Information

Address: 600 M norte de la escuela San Agustín Pérez Zeledón, San Jose, 11901 Costa Rica
Phone Number: +50684986248
Director: Alana Bliss

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The Fruition Center: Holistic Ecology Community
The Fruition Center: Holistic Ecology Community
The Fruition Center: Holistic Ecology Community

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Education, Community, Conservation, Permaculture, Sustainability
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: No
Population Served: All Ecotourists from across the globe, Local Costa Ricans
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Hours of Service: Volunteer- 5 hours a day WorkTrade- 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for at least 3 months
Days of Service: Monday-Saturday
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

No experience necessary, just a hard working individual open to community living

Travel Arrangements:

-A bus San Isidro leaves to San Agustín Mon-Sat at 2:00. Ask the bus driver and they'll guide you to the center
-We can provide a taxi from San Isidro for you, the cost will be around $30
-If you plan on driving your own vehicle it MUST be 4x4

Application Process:

Online Application Process for Volunteers-
Online Application Process for WorkTrade-

Visa Requirements:

No Visa Requirements for North American, Europeans, and Australia

Program Highlights:

Volunteer Program

The Fruition Center's volunteer program offers travelers the opportunity to live and work on a permaculture site and intentional community within the mountains of Costa Rica. Volunteers work 5 hours/day in exchange for room and board. Additional living accommodations include dependable wifi, hot solar showers, access to a communal kitchen stocked with basic foods such as rice, beans, oats and some spices. We have 2 communal meals (lunch and dinner) each day. Lunch and dinner preparation and cleanup is a shared responsibility amongst volunteers, staff, and roots members. Although we have many perennial foods such as seasonal fruits, greens and roots, we are currently developing our food production systems. Supplemental food is purchased from our neighbors and the local market once a week. All things considered, we ask that our volunteers pay a minimal fee to support infrastructure development, bills, additional food and the scholarship budget for others who qualify for our volunteer program or education programs.
Volunteer Program Pricing
$12 per night for dorm
$10 per night for camping (tents not provided)

Tasks for Volunteers may include...
Water and Earth Works
Fortifying and Developing channels for runoff
Rain water catchment
Developing walking paths
Digging garden beds
Garden Maintenance
Weeding and chopping
Harvesting vegetables, fruits and gmelina for construction
Fertilizing (with biomass and homemade organic fertilizers)
Sustainable Construction
Cobbing (Adobe)
Earth bag construction
Earthen floors
Fabric cement
Animal Husbandry
Pasture establishment and maintenance
Goat care
Making feed, supplements, or pest repellents
General Farm Maintenance
Compost care
Overgrowth management
Other necessary duties as they come…

Staff roles provide a means for the Fruition Center to receive specific skill assistance in the activities on the farm and within the center. Staff positions are available for a minimum 3 month commitment. Staff positions require a minimum of 39 hours per week. (This averages 6.5 hours per day monday-saturday; we reserve Sunday as a day of leisure.) Work hours are based on integrity, co-collaboration, self-regulation and productivity.
Accommodations are rustic, but beautiful. The Fruition Center staff are welcome to camp or stay in the Fruition dormitory. Hot showers are available daily. Toilets are basic outdoor composting toilets. Additionally, we offer mostly dependable Wi-Fi and electricity in the center and dormitory. The communal kitchen is stocked with rice, oats, beans, and basic spices. Harvesting seasonal on farm fruits and vegetables is a weekly task we also share. Individuals or staff groups prepare their own breakfasts. Everyone is invited to enjoy a communal lunch and dinner each day. Responsibilities of meal preparation and clean up is shared amongst staff, volunteers and roots members. Although our diet is primarily whole foods vegetarian based, we do eat dairy products and occasionally fish, and are happy to cater to the dietary needs of our guests.
Upon arrival, a $300 deposit is required in order to hold accountability of work trade agreements. Once the staff member completes their commitment, the deposit will be returned in full. Please keep in mind that we are a compassionate group of individuals and understand that this environment may not be for everyone. If you must leave for reasons outside of your control, or a sincere inability to cope with this environment, we are sure that an agreement can be found in terms of your deposit and transition.
Staff positions for work trade include...
Kitchen and Store Coordinator
Volunteer/Guest Service Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Food Production Coordinator
Sustainable Build Coordinator
Tourism Liaison
Financial Coordinator

Mission Statement:

To embody a lifestyle of compassionate care for the land, community, and ourselves, where people from various cultures come together to cooperatively steward the land, resources, integral enterprises, practice thrivability, and participate in a solution-based way of life.


We offer Sustainable Build Workshops at least once a month and hold retreats and festivals every couple months. More info here: