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Phone Number: +237 75726548
Director: Teh Francis Yai

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Goodness and Mercy Missions
Goodness and Mercy Missions
Goodness and Mercy Missions
Goodness and Mercy Missions

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Additional Information

Program Highlights:

Grammar, Commercial and Technical

Volunteer with Goodness and Mercy Missions

Volunteer online:

At GMM we are always looking for 'virtual volunteers' from around the world to help us via online communication. Much of this website was put together with the help of virtual volunteers.

Virtual volunteer tasks can include anything from researching outlets to promote our website, to assisting and contributing ideas to new projects.

Volunteer on Site in Cameroon:
You can volunteer with Goodness and Mercy Missions, no matter your sex, age, or skills. You can just be the help someone needs in the community. Your interaction with rural people will be a wonderful blessing. Living among a people will help you identify their basic needs and possible ways of tackling them.

We accept volunteers from all nationalities. Coming to know each other will help us tap resources from our different backgrounds for good. Goodness and Mercy Missions allow volunteers ample opportunities in the development of their own skills.
Although Goodness and Mercy Missions cannot pay the salaries of international volunteers, we make all the necessary arrangements for the safe stay of the volunteer all the while in Cameroon. We provide necessary information and support.

GMM Volunteer Positions:

  • Teach at the Baptist college in Acha, Belo. GMM partners with ABCD Cameroon and helps in most of her institutions. Other colleges are requesting GMM to place volunteer teachers in them.
  • Teach at the GMM Elementary school Jinkfuin. GMM has founded an elementary school Jinkfuin for needy and orphan children. This is to provide them a sound nursery and primary education.
  • Vocational Training for Young boys and girls. Training in IT skills.
  • Work with several GMM Women Groups towards a sustainable livelihood for women.
  • Youth Mentorship and community health Education.
  • Administration and office work
  • Work with people with Albinism

For Further information on volunteering please:
see the main GMM website, or contact us.

Additional Information:

Goodness and Mercy Missions, a not for profit organization works with Acha Baptist College Cameroon helping the institution achieve its objectives by providing the necessary tools, books, personnel and other related equipment. Acha Baptist college is a Comprehensive school offering grammar, commercial, industrial and technology. Goodness and Mercy Missions also has an elementary school at Jinkfuin village, Cameroon.

Goodness and Mercy Missions is located in Belo Sub Division, Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Acha Baptist college is in Acha quarter, Belo Town, North West Region, Cameroon.

Goodness and Mercy Missions (GMM) was founded in late 2007 by Teh Francis Yai and Natalie Runyon as a non-profit organization aimed at impacting communities in Cameroon. GMM was formed because there was a great demand of the community's needs. We discovered that rural communities in Cameroon continue to suffer not so much because of the economic situation of the country but because of the lack of initiatives for individuals to help themselves and come out of their predicament. Also we learnt that there are some disadvantaged in the communities who are physically incapacitated and therefore cannot do anything to help themselves. Also under this category are needy children, orphans and street children. We decided to identify them and help them as much as possible. Another reason GMM was formed was to sensitize, create awareness, and educate the community on vital issues plaguing the wellbeing of the society, e.g., on HIV/AIDS and the dangers of plastic papers.

Christina Clover, UK,,
Natalie Runyon, USA,