iSPiiCE - Integrated Social Prorgrams in Indian Child Education

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Basic Information

Address: iSPiiCE Volunteer Programs, Ward no. 6, Maszid Gali, Palampur, Distt.Kangra, 176061, Himachal Pradesh, India
Phone Number: 00919805401998
Director: Varun Verma

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iSPiiCE - Integrated Social Prorgrams in Indian Child Education
iSPiiCE - Integrated Social Prorgrams in Indian Child Education
iSPiiCE - Integrated Social Prorgrams in Indian Child Education
iSPiiCE - Integrated Social Prorgrams in Indian Child Education

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Additional Information

Days of Service: 2-12 weeks
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Organisation Information:

iSPiiCE are a voluntary social organisation that build partnerships between international volunteers and rural Indian communities. With 80% of India's population living in rural areas an iSPiiCE volunteer program takes you to the very heart of India, giving you the opportunity to put your hands and heart to use and help those less fortunate.

iSPiiCE projects are in the stunning Dharamsla region of Himachal Pradesh. Full of life yet also peaceful Dharamsala is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range with its snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys and it is not surprising that His Holiness the Dali Lama holds residency in the area. Volunteers can make trips to the Dali Lama Monastery and the Tibetan Hill town of McLeod Ganj.

iSPiiCE focus on education initiatives for community development and we believe that education is at the root of social reform. Your mission as an iSPiiCE volunteer is to help communities and children who have fewer opportunities, using your skills and talents to help them to learn and grow.

Education Volunteers: Role of the volunteer education volunteers play an important role in raising awareness about the need for regular schooling and offer much needed support to local teachers. iSPiiCE work in partnership with local primary and secondary schools and volunteers can work alongside the local teacher or deliver their own lessons daily. The most commonly requested subject of teaching is English and we encourage volunteers to create their own lesson plans with teaching materials available for this purpose. For teaching English it is not necessary for volunteers to have past experience and in-depth knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and for the children to have the chance working with fluent English speakers is invaluable on its own.

For those with a professional interest in teaching this is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your skills in a new and very different environment. Working with the children daily you will bring about a sense of professionalism and dedication and this is extremely valuable for children's confidence and also for your learning of the local culture.

Childcare Programs:
Role of the Volunteer iSPiiCE volunteers assist in child day care centres caring for pre-school children. Along with local staff volunteers are responsible for providing a safe, hygienic environment for the children to play and learn, play games and develop arts activities designed to enhance their motor skills and encourage creativity, also you will introduce the children to their ABCs and nursery rhymes creating a colourful and enjoyable learning environment.

Women's Empowerment:
Role of the Volunteer working with women and this involves teaching and training local ladies (aged 18-35) in small groups (maximum 10 people) both English language skills and basic computer skills. Volunteers are free to share any other skills and experiences with the ladies and talk to them, helping to build up their conversation skills. Women's Empowerment is a very
enjoyable and worthwhile work area and both sides are provided with a new learning experience, not only do the ladies learn from us but iSPiiCE volunteers learn so much about the ladies lives and Indian culture, forming friendships with each of their students.

After School Programs:
Role of the Volunteer In our after school programs we encourage volunteers to take educational classes and also social and enrichment activities, with large scope (to
involve arts, drama and sports etc), and so you will act as both a mentor and teacher for the children.

Public Health Education:
Role of volunteer if you have knowledge of public health issues you may also wish to take small
health, hygiene, first aid and fitness awareness classes. This will be discussed further depending on your experience. For all the above mentioned activities you are offered support, guidance and the necessary materials to prepare your lessons.

Skills & Education Required:
There are no specific educational requirements for our programs (except those in health care) and anyone with a heart to help is welcome! Proficiency in English is required and volunteers should be patient, committed and willing to learn. Programs require people who are outgoing and friendly with a good sense of fun and who will be able to fully immerse themselves into daily life in the various work areas and the community. It is important that you are committed and able to work off your own initiative when required.