More Than English Colombia

Basic Information

Address: Carrera 16 No. 10-33 San Carlos, Zipaquirá, Colombia
Phone Number: +573014193496
Director: Alejandro Clavijo

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Background Check: Yes
Population Served: People from the 4years old to 40 years old
Ages for Volunteer: 20- 28
Hours of Service: 30 - 40
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 30
Days of Service: From Monday to Friday
Languages: English, Spanish
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

Excellent command of the English language
Bachelor's degree in any human studies is helpful but it is not obligatory.
Classroom experience (preferred but not obligatory)
Enjoy leading groups and teaching (REALLY IMPORTANT),
Good lesson planning and organization skills

Programs Open To: Educators, social workers, people who want to get immersed in the education field.
Travel Arrangements:

Volunteer needs to buy round trip tickets and international insurance.

Application Process:

1. Please send us an email to
2. You will get a message from us with the Application form. Fill it and send it back to us.
3. You will pass through two interviews.
4. You will be notified whether you were acepted or not.

Visa Requirements:

1. Passport
2. International insurance
3. Criminal record
4. Diploma

Program Highlights:

This project is addressed to people who:
- want to learn, improve or practice Spanish

- are interested in living in South America (Colombia is the new country in South America. 20 years ago things were hard, but now it is completely different. The country is in the process of transformation and is full of kindness and most of travelers called the best country in S.A)
- like teaching
- want to help to make Colombia bilingual (the idea of the project is to incentive bilingualism, the nation is changing and it requires that the new generations speak English. Some people in the cities can communicate in English but the people who live in small cities around do not really as there are no proper methodologies yet. )

Mission Statement:

Transform and democratize English learning in our country. We offer English classes face to face and virtually at prices that are affordable to all Colombians with people like you, from the whole world. Our goal is not only to teach a language but offer a cultural experience and impact on people lives.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Education must be affordable for everybody regardless of his/her religion, social class, race or age.

Program History:

We start in 2018 and since then we have been working hard to make English language affordable to everybody. We work with people from everywhere to make English an exchange of knowledge. In 2022 we were selected as one of the best programs to learn English by TESOL Colombia. In 2021 we were selected a program with a high social impact by the german organization Stiftung Entrepreneurship.


We make social events once per month with our students. Beside, there is a lot of interaction between our teachers and adult students.

Social Networks:

Instagram: More Than English Colombia
Facebook: More Than English House
Tik Tok: More Than English Colombia