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Basic Information

Address: New Futures Organisation, Psar Takeo Village, Rokaknong Commune, Daun Keo District, Takeo Town, Takeo Province, Cambodia
Director: Mr. Bunseng Sum

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New Futures Organisation
New Futures Organisation
New Futures Organisation
New Futures Organisation

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Education, rural development
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Rural Cambodian villages
Ages for Volunteer: 18+
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

No formal experience required; experience working with children or in an educational setting is beneficial but not a necessity. Open-mindedness, a positive attitude and a willingess to share your skills with young people are all that is needed.

Programs Open To: All over-18s.
Travel Arrangements:

Volunteering fee includes taxi transport from Phnom Penh to Takeo and use of a bicycle for the duration of your volunteering placement

Application Process:

Please see our website at for further details and an application form; or Email for futher information or enquiries.

Visa Requirements:

Cabodian visas are available on arrival to nationals of most countries. We generally advise volunteers to obtain the $25 tourist visa, valid for 1 month; This can be extended easily if required and the extension can be organised by almost any guesthouse in Cambodia.

Program Highlights:

New Futures Organisation requires volunteers to work alongside our local Khmer teachers in one of our seven rural schools in Takeo province. We teach English and Mathematics classes five days a week to young people who are otherwise unable to attend school.

Volunteers will work alongside the teacher to help improve students' command of English and numeracy, both with the whole class and working more closely with smaller groups of students. We also have a long-running program working alongside monks from a local pagoda; their level of English is generally quite high and they love to meet with volunteers from around the world to practice their English conversation skills and learn about other countries and cultures, as well as teaching volunteers a little about Cambodian Buddhism and their way of life.

Placements are available for durations of 2 weeks or longer, and start every Saturday throughout the year. The volunteering fee of $100 a week covers the cost of your transportation from Phnom Penh down to Takeo and our limited admin costs, and all profits thereafter go directly to supporting the young people we look after in the Takeo area and to improving and developing our education projects.

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