Pearl Education Volunteerism Uganda

Basic Information

Address: 5mile-Kawempe -Bombo road Kampala-Uganda East Africa
Phone Number: +256783312670
Director: Sserumaga Daniel

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: all
Population Served: 500-5000
Ages for Volunteer: 16-60
Hours of Service: 30hrs per week
Minimum Hours of Service Required: 20hrs per week
Days of Service: five days
Languages: English
Languages used as a Medium: English
Experience Required:

No experience is required since a volunteer is having any activity she can teach to our kids and the village community.

Programs Open To: Our programs is open to all people around the world who would wish to give us a hand in creating a better future for our kids. and our village communities.
Travel Arrangements:

Volunteers are requested to book there flights for them selves , we also request you get your malaria , yellow fever vacination before you arrive here . Visas you can pbtain a visa uporn arrival and it only cost USd $50.
after reaching the Airport our driver will be waiting for you with your name written on the big poster .

Participants Work: Teaching english, Maths, healthy science , art and desighn , HIV AIDS counciling, helping at the orphanage, teaching music dance and drama and many othere activities.
Mission Statement:

OurMission  is to inspire a generation to be all that they can be; to awaken a sense of life-purpose and belonging, and unite them as part of a global community who can work together to arise to the challenges of the world we live in.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

PEVCC was established to link like-minded travelers looking to make a difference in African villages where the need is greatest while at the same time enjoying some thrilling adventure experiences while they are here.

Program History:

PEARL ETHICAL VOLUNTEERISM AND CHILD CARE (PEVCC) is a charitable program evolving from the organisation working to provide quality volunteer travel opportunities in East Africa. We focus on displaced children, education, and community development in villages and rural areas around Africa.

PEVCC offers the volunteer the ability to provide these villages and people a much needed service at a very affordable price.